From burning tongue to skin changes: Symptoms that you don’t think are related to Menopause!

We’ve been discussing them in my private coaching group over the past week – symptoms that we didn’t associate with our menopause and our ageing. From burning tongue syndrome to skin changes to gastro-oesophageal reflux to tingling feelings in the arms and legs … many of these symptoms seem to arrive in midlife or post-menopause […]

Feeling Fatigued? Iron out your menopause fatigue with this important B-vitamin.

“The social, cultural, anthropological and personal effects of chronic fatigue are enormous on human economy and this condition is poorly understood.” [Bjorklund, Dara et al, 2019]. Over the past few decades, scientists have been doing a great job unlocking the secrets of ageing. Not only are they discovering how our body breaks down but also […]

Use the power of sunlight to improve your mental and immune health during menopause.

The discussions from women on my coaching programmes who live in the Northern Hemisphere are interesting. I even have one lady who works up in the Arctic Circle – with very little sunlight up there during the winter months and because she is moving through menopause, she didn’t realise her vulnerability with her mental and […]

Forget the festive bloat! A spotlight on menopause and your changing gut health.

Every week in my newsletters I try to come up with a topic that I hope will interest you. Sometimes it’s because of a conversation in my coaching group from other women who are just like you, or sometimes I’m reminded of something that I had no idea was anything to do with our menopause […]

Lost your Libido? – Let’s go looking for it then.

There’s never a topic that get’s so many of the MyMT™ women more engaged than libido! It seems that as soon as one woman mentions it in my private coaching group, a flood of comments pour in. I’m not surprised. When my own libido went west during peri-menopause, I just put it down to exhaustion. […]

Does your ageing thyroid need the magic of magnesium?

The new study came out of beautiful Nepal – not a country that I would associate with changing thyroid function in some of the population, but apparently so. The study’s purpose was to evaluate whether blood levels of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus were out of balance in hypothyroid cases. (Dhungana et al, 2022). With a […]

The remarkable connection between your symptoms in menopause and your circadian rhythm.

The email arrived over the weekend. The lady works north of Perth in the mines. “I’m really concerned about my sleep” she mentioned. “I work shifts in the mines and shift work is wrecking havoc on my sleep patterns. My hot flushes seem worse, so I’m already dreading summer when it arrives.”  Hormones play a […]

Video: Will this vital Vitamin help your symptom chaos during menopause?

The role of Vitamin D on women’s menopause symptoms is controversial. For every study that says that there is a correlation between low vitamin D and symptoms such as nerve pain, muscle aches and pains and of course, osteopenia (changes to bone mineral content that eventually may lead to osteoporosis), there are other studies that […]

New Research: A step in time – how walking programmes help your menopause symptoms.

Our late Queen Elizabeth II was a great walker. I know this because the internet is full of images of her out walking when in residence at Balmoral Estate in Scotland. Walking with her beloved corgis. Walking her horses. Walking with her late husband and/or, her children. I love how she always wore a beautiful […]