The connection between arterial stiffness and your hot flushes in menopause – and the powerful nutrients which help to turn this around.

How are you? I don’t know where the weeks are going, but already it’s October – and that means the seasons are changing in both hemispheres. My coaching group is full of women from around the world and this week I’m talking about the seasonal changes and the effects on our symptoms. One of the […]

Discover the power of Garlic & Kyolic Garlic for your ageing blood vessels as you move through menopause.

If you walked into my kitchen yesterday afternoon, you would smell the beautiful roasted garlic that had just come out of my oven. It’s hard to describe this smell, but it’s rich and pungent and you definitely know it’s garlic. I roast my garlic whole, with just the fibrous ends chopped off, and always toss […]