Turn down high blood pressure in menopause with the healing power of raisins.

There’s a common perception that they are unhealthy – that’s because they are around 60% sugar, predominantly fructose and glucose, but relatively new research suggests that they are a lot healthier than we think (Olmo-Cunillera, Escobar-Avello et al., 2019). I used to feel guilty about having them as well. But now my mid-life, post-exercise urge […]

Oestrogen and Varicose Veins – the curious connection in menopause.

She was off to get her veins stripped. “I’m doing weight-training and my legs always feel heavy and sore afterwards for a few days. They get so restless at night,” she mentioned to me. I raised my eyebrows and said, “I hope that you aren’t doing heavy power-lifting and holding your breath when you do it as this […]