Are you a ‘non-dipper?’ The chain of events connecting your menopause insomnia with high blood pressure.

It’s the dipping that you need overnight. And generally it occurs between 2-4 am – just that time of night, that you may be lying awake, your partner is snoring and you are worrying about well, … everything really. Especially about the fact that you can’t sleep. So, you get up, make yourself a cuppa […]

Can you beat high blood pressure with celery, red yeast rice (and other vegetables)?

It was her comment in her book that piqued my interest. “For women with mildly raised cholesterol and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, red yeast rice preparation may offer a solution” mentioned world renowned cardiologist, Dr Angela Maas. “Red yeast rice contains monocolin K, which is identical to the statin, lovastatin … however, many […]

Discover the goodness of grains for your heart health in menopause.

The Goodness of Grains for your Heart Health in Menopause and as you Age. I never knew that oestrogen played an important role in the health of my heart and muscles when I went into menopause. Did you? But from our early-50’s onwards, as menopause progresses, our cardiac muscle changes in structure and function as […]

It’s a ‘Red Alert for Women’s Heart Health in their Menopause Transition’ states the EuroHeart Project.

In 2010, leading cardiologists from five European countries attended a seminar in Belguim which resulted in an article published a year later called, ‘Red Alert for Women’s Heart: The Urgent Need for More Research and Knowledge on Cardiovascular Disease in Women.’ (Maas, van der Schouw et al., 2011). One of the main points that the […]

Palpitations during menopause and the nutrients your heart needs as you age.

It had been a while since we had caught up. Friends since school days, I saw her again when I was visiting the North Island last week. Like many women, the catch-ups over the years became less frequent as ‘life’ got in the way, but when we do see each other, the conversation is easy, […]

New Research: Women’s heart health at mid-life and the role of stress.

“Stressors that are relevant to the life-experiences of mid-life women (age 40 – 65 yrs) include job stress, caregiving, marital quality and discrimination. The articles we reviewed support the hypothesis that life stress and stressful events that occur in mid-life can impact women’s later-life risk for Cardiovascular (CVD) events.” (Stewart, Kathawalla et al, 2018, p.13). […]

Your ageing arteries in menopause and the magic of magnesium.

Over 30 years ago in the early 1990’s, when I was a former ICU nurse, every now and again, there would be a call to go and help-out the busy nurses in the Coronary Care Unit.  At the time, I didn’t give a thought to how many of the patients lying in beds hooked up […]

Hypertension and Menopause: Getting to the heart of the matter through lifestyle change.

The arrival of heart palpitations and high blood pressure as we approach our menopause transition is not only frightening, but also becomes frustrating when we get them checked out and we are told ‘everything seems normal’. Time and time again I hear this from women on the MyMT™ online programmes. It happened to me as well. […]

Why this popular tropical oil requires caution if you have high cholesterol in menopause.

“Growing up in Fiji, we never cooked with coconut oil” mentioned Losena in an email to me. After reading new evidence noting how we need to be cautious about all the marketing hype with coconut oil, I wanted to hear from her. Afterall, the marketing is based on the experience of Pacific Islanders using coconut […]