New Guidelines for your AGEING HEART in Menopause: Is it Meat or Beans for Dinner?

With lack of time our constant enemy as we juggle demands from work, family, ageing parents and everything else we have going on in our lives, if you are like me, then ‘what’s for dinner?’ gets relegated to grabbing some meat from the freezer, throwing on some vegies and potatoes and feeding the family similar meals most […]

Hypertension and Menopause: Getting to the heart of the matter through lifestyle change.

The arrival of heart palpitations and high blood pressure as we approach our menopause transition is not only frightening, but also becomes frustrating when we get them checked out and we are told ‘everything seems normal’. Time and time again I hear this from women on the MyMT™ online programmes. It happened to me as well. […]

The goodness of grains for your heart health in menopause … especially if you exercise regularly.

The Goodness of Grains for your Heart Health in Menopause and as you Age. I never knew that oestrogen played an important role in the health of my heart. Did you? Which means that from our early-50’s on, as menopause progresses, our cardiac muscle changes in function as do our skeletal muscles too. And it […]

Your ageing arteries in menopause and the magic of magnesium.

Over 30 years ago in the early 1990’s, when I was a former ICU nurse, every now and again, there would be a call to go and help-out the busy nurses in the Coronary Care Unit.  At the time, I didn’t give a thought to how many of the patients lying in beds hooked up […]

Boost immunity, fight fatigue and protect your ageing heart in menopause with this powerful nutrient our body needs.

When my mid-life menopausal body hobbled along to my Doctor, Physio, Personal Trainer and Podiatrist with sore joints, muscles and various aches and pains, not one of them mentioned my new ‘heroine’ of menopause joint and muscle health – Vitamin C – and to be fair to these wonderful specialists, nor did I give this […]

New Research: Your changing IRON needs as you move from peri-menopause to post-menopause.

Every week I think to myself, ‘what might you like to read about when it comes to better understanding your menopause transition’?  In pondering this, I often seek inspiration from women on my programme or some of you who who have emailed me with your questions as you come into the MyMT™ community via my symptoms […]

New Research: The life-long impact of coffee and tea consumption on cardiac health in mid-life.

When did you have your first cup? Do you remember? I do. It was in the early 1980’s. Someone had purchased a flash new coffee filter machine for the ICU staff room. Thinking back, maybe it was our wonderful new American Charge Nurse. She got most of us young nurses up to speed with ‘things […]