VIDEO from Wendy: The season’s are changing and so are your symptoms.

No matter where we live in the world, we have to cope with seasonal changes – but it’s not only adaptation to the changing climate that occurs, its to our skin, blood vessels and gut as well.  The women’s health literature is replete with studies that indicate that our menopause transition is a vulnerable time […]

Your changing GUT HEALTH in menopause will love the resistant starch in this MyMT™ BROWN RICE SALAD

Has your gut health changed now that you are in mid-life or older? If so, then you aren’t alone.  When my own gut health changed as I was transitioning through menopause, I went to a conference in Australia about the Gut Microbiome. I learnt there that our microbiome has changed so much over the past […]

How the Mediterranean Diet reduces inflammation that can change our heart health during menopause.

When there’s so many different diets in the world today, it’s hard to determine which one is ‘best’. I still remember my confusion with understanding what and how to eat as I moved into my 50’s. But carrying an additional 15kg of weight that wasn’t shifting with the popular Keto and Paleo diets that abound […]

Cheese Please? Calcium and your aching muscles in menopause.

Aching muscles and restless legs – is this you as well? Perhaps your leg cramps are waking you up at night, or maybe you’re a regular exerciser and just can’t figure out why you aren’t recovering the way you used to …. now that you’re going into menopause.  Yesterday I was interviewed for an exercise […]

Keep hot flushes away at Christmas with these low GI foods and yes, pavlova is on there too!

Christmas has crept up pretty quickly this year, which is either a sign of my ageing, or how busy I’ve been during this extraordinary year. From the time I rushed home to New Zealand from my United Kingdom seminars in March, until now, it’s been one thing after another. Christmas has been the last thing […]

Ironing out your Menopause Fatigue with this beautiful B-vitamin.

In Greek, the word ‘anaemia’ means “no blood”. But that’s a bit of an exaggeration. You have plenty of blood whether you are anaemic or not. However, whether you are in peri- or post-menopause, how well you are making blood cells is key to your successful, symptom-free menopause journey. And to make beautiful blood cells, […]

Why you need this powerful vitamin in your menopause transition if you are an exerciser.

If you are an exerciser and going through menopause, and your joints are sore or you are feeling exhausted, then you may think that you need more collagen. The collagen industry is booming and women arriving in mid-life are often the target. But what many women don’t realise, is that it may not be expensive […]

Improve your memory and eye health in menopause with an anti-inflammatory burst of Blueberries.

Over the past few decades, the relationship between nutrition and ageing has been extensively studied in both animals and humans. It was rats that led researchers down the path to the incredible influence that berries, particularly blueberries, have on reducing the inflammation that can build up in our brain and nerves as we move through […]

Nutrition and Immune Function: Evidence for boosting lung health and immunity as you move through menopause and age.

Bergamot, Quercetin, Oleuropein … how many of you are getting these powerful and scientifically evidenced nutrients into your diet? Especially, as we continue to navigate the Covid-chaos that has changed our lives.  I have two ladies in the MyMT™ Community who were diagnosed positive for the Covid-19 virus. Thankfully they have recovered well and are […]