The Corona Pantry: A family favourite bursting with beans.

In my childhood, beans were culinary outcasts. The only beans that my mother had in her pantry were heavy in a thick, sugary sauce but when we were rushing out the door to run for the school bus, for my mother, they were a quick and easy breakfast to feed us kids. Watties Baked Beans […]

Loving your ageing lungs with the right nutrition in menopause.

Feeding your Lungs to Keep them Healthy: Will you have an apple today? The ‘advice’ that is all over the internet about how to manage your health during these unprecedented times is almost as over-whelming as the virus itself. But the only people on the planet who understand the Coronavirus are the incredible Physicians and […]

Confused about Carbs? Achieve menopause weight loss, reduce hot flushes and improve your health as you age with these carbs.

Despite the global crisis with Covid19, it hasn’t escaped me that this week is a celebration of extraordinary women who have helped to change history. International Women’s Day was on Sunday, March 8th and whilst I think that it is a wonderful gesture, it doesn’t necessarily capture ordinary women who make a difference to and […]

Your gut is irritable, your heart rate is high, your muscles ache. Yet you’re doing lots of exercise and nobody has told you about this vital nutrient in menopause?

Why is it that suddenly we arrive in menopause and our body and health suddenly give up on us? Millions of women know the feeling of aching legs, sore joints and what’s up with our changing gut health? IBS you say? Maybe you’re gluten intolerant? Maybe this? Maybe that?  And what about your heart rate? […]

4 foods to put on your shopping list this Christmas to keep menopause symptoms away and yes, pavlova is on there too!

Christmas has crept up pretty quickly this year, which is either a sign of my ageing, or how busy I’ve been this year! Of all the hundreds of coaching posts that I’ve written for women who join me in the private MyMT communities for my three different 12 week programmes – [Circuit Breaker, Transform Me & […]