Nutrition and Immune Function: Evidence for boosting lung health and immunity as you move through menopause and age.

Bergamot, Quercetin, Oleuropein … how many of you are getting these powerful and scientifically evidenced nutrients into your diet? Especially, as we continue to navigate the Covid-chaos that has changed our lives.  I have two ladies in the MyMT™ Community who were diagnosed positive for the Covid-19 virus. Thankfully they have recovered well and are […]

How the Mediterranean Diet reduces inflammation that can change our heart health during menopause.

When there’s so many different diets in the world today, it’s hard to determine which one is ‘best’. I still remember my confusion with understanding what and how to eat as I moved into my 50’s. But carrying an additional 15kg of weight that wasn’t shifting with the popular Keto and Paleo diets that abound […]

Getting up in the night with leg cramps? Then you may need this remarkable mineral.

“I have an idea for your newsletter” mentioned Lesley. “I keep waking up to muscle cramps and I have no idea why. My daughter gets them too.”  This is Lesley in the photo above. She’s a runner and recently completed the MyMT™ Transform Me programme. It’s been such a privilege to get her back into […]

The right carbs in menopause: Reduce your hot flushes, improve energy and manage your menopause weight.

Over the past week since my last newsletter to you, my facebook feed has been replete with adverts about menopause. I’m always intrigued by these because invariably, when I look into them, I find that what they are selling are supplements. In my late 40’s and early 50’s, I was one of those women taking […]

Discover the ‘fountain of youth’ for women in menopause with the Fasting-Mimicking Diet, which really isn’t a fast at all.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet, Cellular Regeneration and Reversing Age-related Diseases …  In September, 1982, the National Cancer Institute in America said, “Changing the way we eat could offer some protection against cancer.” A year later in 1983, the American Cancer Society stated its belief that “a greater use of fruit and vegetables can significantly reduce […]

New Research: The seasons are changing and so is your skin in menopause which is why you need more Vitamin C.

For some of you in your early 50’s , it gets incredibly dry. For others of you, it gets ‘crinkly’ or ‘crepey’. Some of you are driven crazy because your skin starts to itch. Some of you even develop eczema. Many of you notice the dark spots arriving more rapidly too. As we transition menopause, […]

Your changing GUT in menopause will love the resistant starch in this wonderful MyMT™ BROWN RICE SALAD …

Any starch that escapes the normal small bowel digestive processes is called ‘resistant starch’. Recent research on the gut microbiome shows that resistant starch stays around in the large bowel for longer and is fermented by the bacteria that live there. This process helps to maintain a healthy gut microbiome which I talk about in […]

If your cholesterol has increased in menopause, then be cautious about this popular oil.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, set the theme of ‘Kindness’ as we all went into the pandemic lockdown here. Having been reminded of this for weeks now, I keep thinking about our lovely heart and how we need to be kind to it – afterall, we want it to keep us going for another […]

The Corona Pantry: A family favourite bursting with beans.

In my childhood, beans were culinary outcasts. The only beans that my mother had in her pantry were heavy in a thick, sugary sauce but when we were rushing out the door to run for the school bus, for my mother, they were a quick and easy breakfast to feed us kids. Watties Baked Beans […]