Still putting on weight in menopause despite all that exercise? Then let me explain why …

For over 30 years I’ve seen the numbers of new members visiting the gym swell in the New Year. With promises of weight loss and improved fitness, Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors would implore those attending to sweat hard for their weight management. When I used to be that young Personal Trainer too and […]

3 reasons your precious SLEEP is affected in menopause.

It comes up on you suddenly doesn’t it? For years, you’ve slept all night – exhausted with all that you had to get done in your day, your head would hit the pillow and you’d sleep until your alarm went off in the morning. Now you can only imagine what those blissful nights used to […]

Why, if you aren’t sleeping in menopause, you aren’t fat-burning either. And yes, your hot flushes become worse too.

When you’re lying awake in the night and the heat is building-up inside you, what do you think about?  I used to lie there and wonder why I had gone from loving my bed, to having it haunt me. I was also confused why the HRT I was on, wasn’t helping me sleep – nor […]

“I’m in my 70’s and I didn’t know that my 20 years of not sleeping was impacting on my weight.” [Iris, Australia]

VIDEO – “You don’t need to go” said Iris to herself every night for a week – “You only think you need to.” And so began Iris turning around 25 years of not sleeping. I nearly didn’t allow her onto the programme, because I didn’t think that she was in ‘my target demographic’, but then […]

Not sleeping? Then be careful about how hard you work-out to prevent cardiac problems in menopause.

They were sitting in the front row of the seminar on Tuesday night. I was in Melbourne taking my last seminar for a few weeks. I saw them all look at each other after my comment – “The ladies on my programme know that I don’t want them to do too much high intensity exercise […]

Learn about ‘Inflammaging’ & why Scotland’s long evenings may make menopause symptoms worse.

The evenings are rather long in Scotland at the moment. It is light until 10pm and for women in menopause who aren’t sleeping that’s not a good thing at all. I told the women this at my Edinburgh seminar. When I asked who wasn’t sleeping all night, over 150 women put up their hands …

Brain-fog, Hyper-excitable brain nerves, Menopause, Low Oestrogen & the missing cup of tea…

Hubbie and daughter had only just stepped foot into the holiday apartment after arriving on a later flight, when I bleated – “You know it’s driving me crazy. I had a cup of tea beside me yesterday whilst I was on my computer and for the life of me I can’t find it. I’ve looked […]

VIDEO: “Like most working mothers, I put my head down, hoping my symptoms would miraculously go away. They didn’t – until I found Wendy’s programme.” [Danni, New Zealand]

“I had been struggling by myself to try and manage my health after developing Graves disease, a congenital hyper-active thyroid condition that started to occur in my menopause years. This was triggering a heart condition that threw me into atrial fibrillation intermittently, and put me at high risk of potentially suffering a stroke.  But like […]

VIDEO: Dr Wendy Sweet [PhD] talks about the MyMT symptom reduction and weight loss programmes.

Hi Everyone – how exciting – a new royal baby this week, and the start of a new life for the beautiful Royal couple, The Sussexes. It’s such an exciting and nervous time when there is a new baby. And how little we knew when many of us had our own children. Research wasn’t available […]