Discover why your stress levels cause progesterone to crash … and what to do about it.

“I’m responsible for the emotional well-being of 12,000 UK National Health Service staff and I’ve never been busier” mentioned Consultant Clinical Psychologist to the NHS in South Wales, Dr Clare Wright, when she emailed me during the worst of the UK’s pandemic. In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, she spent her time visiting the Emergency […]

“It’s funny what you said about why I have to eat more food because I do weight training. I now understand why my energy was low!” [Julie, NZ]

When I founded the New Zealand personal training industry in the early 1990’s, I never imagined that I would, one day, be guiding some of New Zealand’s leading Personal Trainers through menopause. Nor did I ever imagine that I would be advising exercise professionals to reduce their exercise and for those who are leaner and […]

Do you need to REST over the New Year? Your changing brain in menopause might thank you for it.

I wonder how you are using your New Year break? (that’s if you get one!). Are you resting from the incredibly stressful year that you’ve just experienced, or are you still rushing around and/or because you are working from home, you are still on your computer or taking your Zoom meetings in between everything else you […]

How accumulative stress affects your sleep, anxiety, hot flushes and sore joints in menopause.

Life was already pretty overwhelming and exhausting for women going into menopause. Then along came the pandemic and for Teachers, such as Martina in Ireland, life became a lot more complex. It’s no surprise that a new report indicates that women bear the brunt of the additional stress.  ‘Throughout all stages of the pandemic crisis, […]

Understanding the stress-cortisol – menopause symptom connection.

“Are you writing a novel?” he enquired standing next to my table at the cafe. An elderly man in his 70’s whom I hadn’t met before. He had noticed my concentration and hands flying across the keyboard. I looked up. “No, but I used to in the past” I mentioned. “A few years ago I was […]

Re-address your stress by increasing beautiful B-vitamins and you’ll be helping to lose your menopause belly-fat too.

If you were to walk into my kitchen right now, you would see the steam rising out of my simmering pot of rice. You would also smell it’s nutty smell. For dinner tonight I’m going to mix some pesto through it and serve it with spinach wilted in cold-pressed olive oil (great for our joints) […]

New Research: Your belly-fat in post-menopause … and why you shouldn’t just blame your hormones.

Have you ever wondered why so many women put on belly-fat as they move through menopause into post-menopause? This so confused me at the time. My legs were getting thinner, but my belly was getting bigger. Dangerously bigger. I knew it wasn’t good for my heart health and it was sending me down the slippery […]

VIDEO: Meet Dr Wendy Sweet [PhD] from MyMT™.

Hi Everyone – how exciting – a new royal baby this week, and the start of a new life for the beautiful Royal couple, The Sussexes. It’s such an exciting and nervous time when there is a new baby. And how little we knew when many of us had our own children. Research wasn’t available […]

Working shifts and in menopause? Then let’s have a chat about your Vitamin D levels.

Anzac Day in New Zealand and Australia is an historical tribute to all who have fought for our freedom, but whilst I was listening to the services on the radio, I was a bit put-out. Not one mention of the wonderful nurses who worked tirelessly during each World War caring for soldiers and supporting the […]