“I’m slimmer, healthier, sleeping and happy. Your menopause programme is life-changing.”

“Hi Wendy .. with renewed confidence I went clothes shopping today for the beautiful slim woman I see in the mirror everyday.  Participating in your  programme has been life changing for me.  A huge thank you to you for taking the challenge to study healthy ageing and share your discoveries on menopause.  I would not […]

‘No, Dr Max from the Daily Mail – Menopause Symptoms are NOT in our mind and here’s why!’

When one of the women on the MyMT programme send me last week’s article from Dr Max Pemberton, who writes a medical column for the Daily Mail, with the headline, ‘Is the Menopause all in the Mind?’ I just shook my head in frustration. When Dr’s don’t understand the intricate relationship between menopause changes and […]