“I’m slimmer, healthier, sleeping and happy. Your menopause programme is life-changing.”

“Hi Wendy .. with renewed confidence I went clothes shopping today for the beautiful slim woman I see in the mirror everyday.  Participating in your  programme has been life changing for me.  A huge thank you to you for taking the challenge to study healthy ageing and share your discoveries on menopause.  I would not […]

‘No, Dr Max from the Daily Mail – Menopause Symptoms are NOT in our mind and here’s why!’

When one of the women on the MyMT programme send me last week’s article from Dr Max Pemberton, who writes a medical column for the Daily Mail, with the headline, ‘Is the Menopause all in the Mind?’ I just shook my head in frustration. When Dr’s don’t understand the intricate relationship between menopause changes and […]

January Weight Loss Menopause Transformation Sale

New year, new resolution, new you. Don’t let your menopausal weight gain in 2017 define you. Start 2018 the way you intend to continue by investing back into yourself.  I have done the research, all you have to do is follow my on-line step by step plan. Watch my video now and read the Success […]