Join the Community

Support, Encouragement & Advice

When you sign up any of the MyMT™ programmes, you’re not just joining a programme, but an online community too.

At sign-up you receive three months FREE access to my private Coaching Community via Facebook. Women also stay longer and this is just a small admin fee each month to remain. There is no pressure to get through the programme in the 3 months – you can take as long as you need. 

The private facebook community is where I share tips, strategies, latest research and much more. In here you find friendship, support and you can reach out to me in here or privately via email. 

I realize that knowledge is only one part of the journey and staying motivated is equally important. Having someone to share and connect with you at a meaningful level is what makes this programme so effective.

While I can anticipate common struggles for women transitioning menopause, which my programme addresses, I also appreciate that we are all unique. That’s why receiving my personal support and guidance is so important.

I’m here to provide you with the knowledge and encouragement you need during this crucial time in your life. You can ask me any questions you like either in the coaching community or via email. You will also benefit from reading the responses to other women’s questions, and being a part of an extended support network.

If you want the support of the community for longer than three months or you get a bit behind with the programme, then all you do is continue your access for a small monthly admin charge of $12.50 NZ.

I can’t wait for you to join me in the MyMT™ community.