MyMT™ Masterclass on Menopause

Thank You for purchasing MyMT™ Masterclass on Menopause

Congratulations on your successful purchase of the MyMT™ Masterclass on Menopause.   Investing time in your learning and knowledge is such an important step in looking after YOU and YOUR HEALTH at this time of your life.  
I’m so excited to be supporting you.  Please start by reading the important instructions below. 

What you need to do now to Get Started: 

  1. Check your email inbox for Login instructions and password for access to the Masterclass on Menopause webinar.  If you don’t receive your access instructions within 5 minutes of purchase, please email so that we can trouble shoot for you.  
  2. Set aside good quality time to watch my online webinar.  It really does take two hours (I tell you the half-way point so that you can have a refreshment break) and I recommend you lock yourself away from interruptions while you watch, just like you would if you attended my live event.
  3. Go back and watch parts of it again, and make sure you download the Masterclass on Menopause summary notes.  
  4. Remember to set your Junk Mail to “Never Block Sender” so that you receive the rest of my information emails and newsletters too.  For more instructions on how to manage your Junk Mail visit this page on my website.  

I can’t wait to get you started…  welcome on board!

Best wishes
Dr Wendy Sweet
Your Menopause and Wellness Coach

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