Are you in post-menopause but still struggling with not sleeping, sore joints, low energy, palpitations, bloating and weight gain?

Are you still feeling ‘hot’ and experiencing night sweats despite being on HRT?

Are you tired of taking endless expensive supplements that don’t seem to be working now that you’re in post-menopause?  Did you hope that everything would change once you got through menopause, but it hasn’t? 

If this sounds like you, then I know how you feel! That’s exactly how I felt too – confused and frustrated! 

Through my studies on women’s health and ageing, I began to understand that as I moved from menopause to post-menopause, there are physiological changes going on within our muscles, liver, gut, heart and brain that continue to affect our health in our ageing years. In many ways these changes are even more important than our changing hormone balance in menopause. 

Because of these physiological changes, many women keep putting on weight in post-menopause and/or their menopause symptoms  persist as well. It’s tough, and it can be quite frightening when you don’t understand why. 

In a desperate attempt to turn their health around, too many women are also following generic diet and exercise advice better suited to younger women. However, in post-menopause, we need a different approach. One that takes into account our changing cardiac, joint, gut and liver health.  

If this is you, then will you join me over the next 12 weeks? 

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If you are ready to tackle your post-menopause health and weight with a systematic, scientifically-evidenced program based on lifestyle solutions from women’s health and ageing research, then my 12 week online post-menopause specific transformation program is ON SALE for you from now until the end of July 2023.

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Transform Me

A ground breaking post-menopause-specific weight loss and wellness program.


Everything you need to know to stop gaining and start losing post-menopausal weight using evidenced lifestyle changes strategies. Includes BONUS MODULES for restoring Gut, Joint and Cardiac health in post-menopause. Discover how to take back control of your health as you age.

This month only NZ$224* including my three POST-MENOPAUSE BONUS MODULES (you save $75) or part-pay over 3 months.

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*  Group Coaching support is FREE for first 3 months and $12.50 per month thereafter.

ADD Rebuild My Fitness

The type of exercise we need as we get older is different. We don’t need to slow down or stop, we just need to think differently, and change our approach.

MyMT_Re-build_My_Fitness Digital Montage 2

Re-Build My Fitness is a healthy exercise program designed specifically for women during and after menopause. Kick start your exercise with a focus on how your exercise needs change during this important time of your life.

This month only NZ$99* when purchased as a COMBO with Transform Me (total price NZ$323) or part-pay over 3 months.  

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*  Group Coaching support is FREE for first 3 months and $12.50 per month thereafter.

If your post-menopause health has changed, then I want to encourage you to address this so you can enjoy better health in years to come.

Menopause is the transition from your reproductive years into your ageing years.  It’s also a time of our lives when we become vulnerable to changing heart, joint and gut health and of course, the compounding health issues that come with post-menopause weight gain too.   

 If I told you that ALL IT TAKES IS ONE HOUR A WEEK to listen to my modules and then make a plan for the week ahead using my brand new Transform Me Food Guide as well as other fabulous information I have for you, to turn around gut, joint and cardiac health, could you find that hour?  I hope so! 

If you can find an hour a week to watch my webinars, download and read the Daily Dozen summary sheets, use my Food Guide that is packed full of information and recipes for you, and start to make the changes in your life that will help your body to adjust to post-menopause, then please let me help you, to help yourself.

That’s how so many women have become successful with their long-term weight loss by following this program and joining my coaching support group. You do it in your own time and at your pace, but with my un-conditional support.

Learn anytime, anywhere.  It’s all onlineWhen you follow the MyMT™ program you will;

  • learn to sleep through the night again
  • stop your post-menopause weight gain
  • discover how to improve post-menopause liver health
  • learn how to manage your changing heart health
  • improve your gut health and reduce bloated feelings
  • reduce joint and muscle pain that is related to your changing hormones as you make another hormonal ‘shift’ into post-menopause.
  • lose weight and restore your energy
  • discover how to feel like your old-self again.

Hi, I’m Dr Wendy Sweet [PhD], MyMT™ Founder & Lifestyle Coach.  For decades menopause has been seen as a ‘sickness’ and often not talked about.  When my own symptoms over-whelmed me and the endless supplements and medications I was taking weren’t working, especially for my weight , I decided to tackle menopause and post-menopause!  It was time to put our mid-life and older years into wellness, not sickness.   

Through my women’s healthy ageing studies I began to understand that if we don’t take back control of our health and symptoms in menopause, then our post-menopause years can throw us into worsening health.  As my own health was changing as my symptoms became worse, I researched how we can turn this around and manage menopause using specific lifestyle change strategies that we need to put into action at this time of life.  

Most lifestyle programs are not targeted for our changing hormonal environment in our post-menopause years. However, this is the time when we are moving into the next phase of our life –  our ageing. As such, there are numerous changes that occur due to a relatively new condition that researchers have discovered called ‘inflammaging’. Armed with the knowledge that our post-menopause weight and health management needs to follow the women’s health and ageing science is now helping women discover how to feel so much better. “Life-changing” is the common theme! 

I would love you to join me throughout July 2023, so I can help you to turn around your post-menopause health and re-discover the ‘old-you’ again., just as Linda (below) did too.

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Transform Me

Transform Me is for women who are putting on belly-fat. This fabulous program teaches you how to sleep all night, reduce hot flushes and manage a condition called oestrogen dominance, which may be the cause of your post-menopausal weight gain. Includes BONUS MODULES to help you restore joyful joints, improve your heart health and turn around gut health.

On SALE NOW only NZ$224* including 3 massive BONUS modules. Save NZ$75 and spread payments over 3 months. Use the promo code MYMTJULY

Approximate currency conversion –  AUS$204, UK£109, €127, US$138 or CA$183

*  My personalised Coaching Support is FREE for the first 3 months and $12.50 per month thereafter

ADD Rebuild My Fitness

Re-Build My Fitness is an online women’s healthy ageing exercise program. Including Body-Type Specific exercises, workout programs and videos designed specifically for women in menopause (or post-menopause) to get fit, get strong, get toned and for some of you, get slim, or just get motivated! Find out more or buy now...

On SALE NOW only NZ$99* when purchased as a COMBO DEAL with Transform Me. Save NZ$200 and spread payments over 3 months. Use the promo code MYMTJULY

Approximate currency conversion – AUS$295, UK£157, €183, US$199 or CA$264

*  My personalised Coaching Support is FREE for first 3 months and $12.50 per month thereafter.

Are you ready to restore your post-menopause health? I hope so. because my July intake is underway and I can’t wait to support you.  

If you aren't satisfied then I do offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

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