Testimonials​ from Health Practitioners who have studied with MyMT™

Hear from health practitioners who have completed a MyMT™ CPD Course

"I have found your CPD course for health professionals to be the best course I have ever done. If only every doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, fitness coach signed up for it!"
Diana - Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation Practitioner
NZ (Oct, 2022)
"As an established Health Coach, I looked forward to every single week of this mind-blowing 12-week course. The course was so good, I was dreading it finishing! Wendy is such an amazing teacher. She is able to break down anything into simple-to-understand information that everyone can use. Her research, her vast experience with her own clients and the real-life examples she provides are pots of gold, literally. I have come away confident to work with pre-, peri- and post-menopausal women, offering them lifestyle strategies to mitigate, ease or eliminate their symptoms. I absolutely loved this course and look forward to the other courses Wendy might be convening in the future."
Aimee P - Health Coach and Endurance Coach
NZ (Oct, 2022)
"Wendy, I must express my thanks and huge appreciation for the work that has gone into the MyMT programme. There is an incredible amount of knowledge and resources contained within this body of work and I am in awe of all that you have learnt and collated for this wonderful course. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have done the course. I have worked with women all my life as a nurse, midwife, acupuncturist and hypnotherapist and now I have even more pleasure to think that I can feel that much more confident when working with menopause issues."
Kate O - Hypnotherapist, Acupuncturist & Nurse
NZ (Oct, 2022)
"I am really enjoying the course, the information is invaluable, and I am having many AHA moments. It’s like putting the jigsaw pieces together. From my experience of going through at times some awful peri menopause changes, you can feel powerless to make changes and are faced with a 'one size fits all' approach of medication and HRT which of course is not the whole picture. I actually found that after 2 years of trying things that it made me worse. I am still working through these changes but feel more power and freedom to try other things through this course. I can’t wait to be able to offer this in consultation to other women suffering as I have. Knowledge is power thank you Wendy Sweet."
Pippa T - Holistic and Complimentary Medicine Practitioner
UK (Oct, 2022)
"I just want to thank you for producing such an amazing course and tell you how much I have gained from participating. As you know I am a fellow of ASLM and am very experienced in healthy lifestyle behaviour change support. What you have provided me though is solutions and options for a client cohort that are desperately trying to find solutions to their symptoms. I constantly receive referrals for women aged between 45-65 ‘need to lose 20kgs’, ‘uncontrolled diabetes’, ‘needs to reduce cholesterol’ etc…. All these women are suffering from menopause symptoms have elevated LFT’s, hypertension, high allostatic load, metabolic syndrome, anxiety & depression. The majority have been prescribed weight loss medication, increased antidepressants, antihypertensives, antacids & NSAIDS. I now have the knowledge to provide them with answers and look at everything holistically. I feel very blessed to have found you Wendy, you not only sorted my own menopause symptoms out on your MyMT™ programme, but you have now provided me with my new clinical knowledge via the CPD course to support many other women on their menopause journeys. "
Leanne C - Health Coach
Australia (Oct, 2022)
"I wanted to send you a big THANK YOU!!! This course has been a wealth of information and has pushed me to do my own research. I share this information with my clients & have learned about so much more than just menopause. The aging process and how this affects our internal organs, the endocrine system and the importance of lifestyle on our long-term health, are essential knowledge areas that need to be addressed when working with midlife clientele. I see so many women plagued with inflammation and autoimmune issues such as Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and multi autoimmune syndrome and this information goes a long way in my goal of helping them. Thank you again for such a wonderful informative course. I came away with a wealth of knowledge and feel renewed with an inspired desire to research and follow the science when it comes to our health, wellness & aging. I know the people around me are probably tired of me sharing all of this newfound knowledge already. I just love it so much! Thank your for sharing."
Sheryl V - Health Coach & Fitness Instructor
United States (Oct, 2022)
"It was a very broadening course that increased my curiosity to learn more about all the different aspects of menopause. The complexity of our physiology and human bodies is so fascinating that the medical profession often oversimplifies. The menopausal transition is what I like to call “ the dangerous opportunity” to review and redirect it all towards a healthier path. Thank you for helping me with my GP and my coaching work with menopausal clients. I learned a lot, and I became thirsty to know much more. Thank you again for delivering such complex material to a diverse group of health lovers. You did it very well!"
Dr Ivana - GP
Australia (Oct, 2022)
"The course is fantastic and I am loving the information and the learning received. It is very comprehensive and so I find that I am requiring and wanting to spend a lot of time digesting it in order to do it justice."
Kate O - Hypnotherapist, Acupuncturist & Nurse
NZ (July 2022)
"The course has been inspiring… packed with lots of aha moments! I congratulate Wendy on her tenacity for sifting through the research for answers. The content was thought provoking, and related continually back to research, following the science related to midlife women. I loved the opportunity to be a part of this course."
Karen D. Nutritionist
Australia (May 2022)
"I found the course so interesting…. It filled in so many gaps for me. Not only has it helped me with menopause clients, but also many other clients. I’m so looking forward to going back over the course and reading your blogs. I really appreciate your research Wendy… its invaluable."
Ann L. Biokinesiology
Ireland (May, 2022)
"It has been a pleasure, and eye opening over the last 12 weeks learning from your wealth of knowledge. Placing menopause within the context of ageing makes a lot of sense, as well as connecting the severity of the menopausal symptoms with lifestyle."
Yinka O. (Nutritionist and Health Coach)
UK (May, 2022)
"I would highly recommend Dr Wendy Sweet’s training on menopause. It is informative, thorough and easy to understand. Wendy is extremely knowledgeable and has a deep desire to educate women about menopause, its effects on the body and how it can be managed with lifestyle changes”
Carolyn G (Meditation Practitioner)
Australia (May, 2022)
I have followed Wendy's program since 2020, I was confused about my health and felt embarrassed as a health professional that I didn't have the answers to improve my own journey. I have a extensive back ground in medical and complementary medicine, I was so unsure how to address my own symptoms, some I didn't even realise were as a result of menopause. As I followed the MyMT program I had challenges like many woman, however this program was so educational I was able to slowly rebuild my health and realised the knowledge I have as a practitioner didn't consider the menopause woman and this was a game changer for me. When the practitioner course was offered I was immediately committed to joining and I am not disappointed. In the inaugural CPD course, Wendy has guided our wonderful group of woman from all over the world through her many years and layers of research in a safe and inclusive environment. The CPD course flowed easily and being online the technology aspect was fully supported and made so easy to follow. Working through the modules while full of content was structured in a way that I was able to fit them into my busy schedule and alway looked forward to joining the group online where we discussed the content fully inclusively. Another unexpected lesson I have learnt is that I am able to change my business model, this is something I am currently working on and focusing on mid life woman, connecting more broadly online. This course has really reinvigorated me and I am excited for woman who will benefit from the support.
Wendy G. (Paramedic and Health Coach)
Australia (May, 2022)
“I am so sad this course is coming to an end. I have so thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the research articles and information, and I have very much appreciated your contribution to making this course research based and accurate. I am finding the whole investigation into aging and inflammaging so fascinating”
Lisa H. (Registerned Nurse)
Canada (May, 2022)
"Wendy was engaging and accessible, both within the online weekly sessions and especially in weekly group zoom meetings. The content was thought provoking and related continually back to research, following the science related to midlife women. I loved the opportunity to be part of this course in an area that is coming to the fore across research, industry and governments for midlife women for the the first time in history. Thank you Wendy, you've made a difference in my life and for the women who look to me for advice."
Karen D (Nutritionist)
Aus (May 2022)
"The course was very inspiring, well run, with lots of up to the minute research.I gained a lot of new information from it. Wendy was very generous with her knowledge. I gained a vast amount of information from the case studies as they were all so different."
Ann A (Nutritionist)
Ireland (May, 2022)
“I am so enjoying the course! So many pieces of the puzzle around women's health issues as they move into menopause have been put in place for me. I am loving learning and driving my partner mad as I am spending every spare minute I can reading as much as I can on menopause.”
Viv G (Pilates & Movement Specialist)
NZ (May, 2022)