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Do you live in Auckland, NZ? Viv is our MyMT™ Affiliate Practitioner offering her Movement and Menopause Reset!

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One of my challenges with setting up the world-class MyMT™ programmes, has been the ability to offer women a more one-on-one experience with Practitioners within their community. Support to change lifestyle behaviours is always the one dimension of behaviour change practices that gets a mention in the health literature. 

When Viv, a trained Pilates and Movement Coach, came onto the MyMT™ Circuit Breaker programme, she knew that the MyMT™ online programmes were the ‘missing link’ for women in her community whom she sees in her Movement Studio. When she found out that I was starting a MyMT™ Health Practitioners Training Course, she didn’t hesitate to come on board. 

I’m so excited that Viv is now able to offer her skills along with my knowledge and combine these in her fabulous new Midlife Movement and Menopause Lifestyle Course, so she can support women in her local community in Auckland, New Zealand, more closely. 

That’s why I’m highlighting Viv in this weekends newsletter. For those who need more movement in their lives, as well as support and knowledge about symptom management, then she has a fabulous offer for you on her brand new, Midlife Movement and Menopause Lifestyle Reset Programme. It’s my privilege to introduce her to you. 

Viv Gallagher (58years) – Founder of Studio Three, Pilates, Barre & Yoga, and MyMT™ Affiliate

I never thought much about menopause and naively assumed that it wouldn’t impact me as I was lean and very fit. The common symptoms that I did know of such as hot flushes and weight gain hadn’t touched me so I thought I had sailed through. I was wrong!

In May 2021 my super active life came to a crashing halt with the sudden onset of a neuralgia (a constant and very severe nerve pain headache), which kept me away from my Pilates Studio and the activities that I love for 4 months.

Several trips to hospital, brain scans, MRI’s, specialists and heavy medication all followed. My MRI revealed some degeneration in my C-spine but this damage was chronic. It had built up over my life time so I couldn’t work out why this was suddenly having so much of an effect on me. I started to do my own research and in the process, I discovered Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD). 

Her work allowed me to connect the dots between my wound-up nervous system, accumulated oxidative stress, inflammation and post menopausal oestrogen decline and the impact of all of this on my joints and health.

Through Wendy’s Circuit Breaker programme and lifestyle solutions I was able to slowly restore my own health. It also inspired me to learn more so that I could better help the many midlife women that attend my Pilates studio in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

There is a huge knowledge gap in the fitness industry when it comes to training midlife women who are struggling with joint pain, poor recovery or increasing injuries, weight gain, low energy, anxiety, temperature dysfunction and many other symptoms that they may not have connected to changes in their hormones during menopause.

I was so fortunate to be part of Wendy’s inaugural Health Practitioners CPD Course earlier this year and I am excited to now be a MyMT™ Affiliate and be able to share the benefits of my learning with my midlife studio clients. I want to help them gain the right movement and lifestyle solutions for their age and stage. I also highly recommend this CPD course for anyone who is training women from 40+.

As a MyMT™ Affiliate I am excited to be launching our first 3 month Midlife Movement & Menopause Lifestyle RESET programme starting 11th July at Studio Three in Grey Lynn, Auckland.

I’ve combined 3 months of our Platinum Studio Membership with a MyMT™ 12 week Programme. In addition to your personalised exercise prescription, we will run fortnightly group coaching sessions to help keep you on track and support you over the 3 months.

For more information and to join our RESET please click below – I can’t wait to support you.”

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