Our Purpose

MyMT™ has been set up for one reason – to help women around the globe proactively manage their own menopause transformation through lifestyle change. No longer should menopause symptoms impact on their life.

If women complete the Menopause Transformation program and turn their symptoms around as well as improve their health, energy and vitality, then we have achieved OUR PURPOSE.

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Our Philosophy

MyMT™ has a revolutionary lifestyle-change program which gets to the heart of your menopause symptom management. Our evidenced Menopause Transformation Program has been designed as six easy-to-complete steps which teach women how to turn their symptoms around. MyMT™ gives you the WHY? WHAT? and HOW? We demystify menopause by teaching you the daily lifestyle strategies that return your hormonal balance to your NEW YOU in menopause. Yes, you will feel like the ‘old-you’ again!

Our Promise

MyMT™ has YOU at the heart of everything we do. We guarantee your investment with this simple promise:

We reduce the complicated to the simple when it comes to understanding how you can manage your menopause transition. If you follow our program 100%, we promise that you will feel better during your menopause transition.” *  Wendy Sweet (Founder) 

 Disclaimer: *Results may vary from person to person. While the testimonials provided show real results, women may vary in their results. 

Meet the Team

Meet Dr Wendy Sweet

Registered General Nurse, Bachelor in Physical Education, Master Sport & Leisure Studies (1st Class Hons), PhD 

Wendy is an award-winning exercise industry leader and women’s well-being coach. She is passionate about sharing her academic and practical expertise in user-friendly sessions with exercise professionals and the public alike.

Wendy has been involved with the health and fitness industry in Australasia for three decades after her nursing career.  She pioneered personal training in New Zealand in the early 1990’s, has lectured at Waikato University and AUT, and has maintained a long term commitment to the education of Trainers since that time…

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