Globally, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiac disease and obesity are substantially increasing.  When combined with menopause during mid-life many women are significantly at risk.

Although a natural process, menopause is not well understood by the general population and the success of treatments vary considerably.

For many women just understanding the changes going on as they transition through menopause is critical.

My Menopause Transformation has been founded to help women through the increasingly difficult experience of menopause.  It is a web-based business designed to deliver tools to help and support as many women as possible through their menopause journeys.  MyMT™ was established in response to the founders’ experiences lecturing to women on the subject of menopause and hormonal health.

MyMT™ sells a unique 6-STEP Circuit Breaker Program to menopausal and peri-menopausal women designed to teach women to recover their health, energy and vitality through changing behaviours, exercise patterns and nutrition.  It provides an alternative approach to hormone replacement theory and other medical based programs.

MyMT™ is uniquely timed to benefit from the delivery of mobile and internet based behaviour change techniques which are widely expected to revolutionise individual and population health world-wide.

Wendy Sweet, the founder of MyMT, is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise in practical, user-friendly seminars and online sessions with women everywhere.