Gym owner Merridy knew the toll that running a business and continually helping others took on her energy and stress levels, but the trade-off was fit, happy clients empowered by their visits to her gym. She had no time to feel tired or moody. So when peri-menopause Merridy was happy to take her doctor’s advice and go on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

see how Merridy manage menopause successfully

Despite all the endorphin raising activity she was doing as well as her family and work commitments, she soon found that peri-menopause was also a slippery slope towards irritability and bouts of depression.  It was a confusing and exhausting time. Little did Merridy know that up-skilling at the Melbourne Health and Fitness conference would change all of that.

Attending a session called, ‘Health, Hormones and Happiness: Lifestyle Change for Mid-life Women’, it was almost as if Merridy was listening about herself. Presented by Australia’s Fitness Education Author of the Year and New Zealand’s pioneer of the Personal Training industry, Wendy Sweet, the session marked a turning point in her life… and her health.

Tracking Wendy down after the seminar, Merridy was heartened to find that there was the MyMT program that Wendy had designed. With the promise of advice, support and the reassurance of a progressive program that she could do in her own time in Australia, Merridy jumped on board. She wanted to become the energetic, motivated and enthused person she had been all her life.

Over the following weeks, Merridy made a number of significant changes to her diet and lifestyle and followed all of the advice on the ‘kick-starter’ Circuit-Breaker Program. Having battled with bloating and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for years, the knowledge, support and motivation received by MyMT™ was the key to not only turning around her gut health, but also her peri-menopause symptoms. Along the way Merridy visited her Dr and had regular blood tests taken to monitor her progress.*

The BONUS for Merridy after only 6 weeks was GETTING OFF HRT as well as her other medication. She did this with her Dr’s support. Well done Merridy. You’re back to being the fantastic motivator that you’ve always been to your fitness clients.

“I cannot believe the difference the MyMT program and Wendy’s knowledge has made. When I heard Wendy speak at the conference, I approached her in tears. Everything she said that had happened to her, was ‘me too’. Her presentation that day was sensational and changed my life as it did other exercise professionals attending. My stomach is now sensational. I’m off HRT. I now sleep all night. My stress levels are down. I have more energy that I’ve had in years. And I have the blood tests to prove it. Brilliant!”

 Disclaimer: *Results may vary from person to person. While the testimonial provided show real results, these may differ between women on the program.

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