Choose from 2 options

Reduce menopause symptoms with Circuit-Breaker or lose weight with Transform Me


MyMT™ ‘Circuit Breaker’ helps you ‘break the circuit’ of your symptom chaos. You learn how to:

  • Sleep all night without night sweats
  • Reduce your hot flushes
  • Restore your energy levels to what they used to be
  • Restore your liver and gut health so your body absorbs the nutrients you need for improved health
  • Reduce joint and muscle pain so that you can exercise again
  • Feel calm and in control again
  • (Optional) Taper programme for coming off HRT and menopause related anti-depressants (with your GP’s permission)

If you don’t ‘break the circuit’ of your symptoms in your menopause transition, then the inflammation that builds up may lead you into worsening health problems as you go into your post-menopause years. The MyMT programme leads you into specific lifestyle change strategies for you during menopause as an alternative option from hormonal medications.

In your on-line 12 week menopause ‘Circuit-Breaker’ programme you receive step-by-step solutions for:

  • Sleep restoration and hot flush management
  • Energy improvement to levels you used to enjoy
  • Liver & Gut Health rejuvenation to better absorb nutrients for your healthy ageing
  • Stress reduction to improve metabolic and thyroid health
  • Nutrition that is specific to your changing hormonal environment in menopause
  • Online coaching which keeps feeling motivated and supported!

Hi MyMT, I cannot believe how I’m feeling now. I’m sleeping all night and I have so much more energy during the day. I have just had a 4 day weekend and worked in the yard doing  very hard manual gardening. Despite this I have continued sleeping well and feel like I kept up with my adult children (maybe more than them too) in lifting, shoveling and chopping trees down. I feel 100% to what I was earlier in the year. Thanks again for your fabulous programme. [Sandra, 53, New Zealand]

Menopause is a time for lifestyle change. With MyMT you learn what to do and why. The results are powerful.

Get ready for your success.

  MyMT™ TRANSFORM ME  programme is delivered over 12 weeks on-line so you learn how to:

  • Stop the belly fat going on and start LOSING by understanding a condition called, ‘oestrogen-dominance’
  • Restore your energy to levels you used to know
  • Restore thyroid balance so your metabolism increases
  • Restore liver and gut health so healthy nutrients are absorbed better
  • Sleep all night because fat-loss occurs overnight
  • (Optional) Taper off HRT and menopause related anti-depressants (with the permission of your Dr)
  • Remove the pain from muscles and joints, so that you can move more!

Increasing weight during menopause leads to greater health problems with your heart and muscle function as you age. Please don’t let this happen to you.

In your 12 week ‘Transform Me’ programme you receive step-by-step solutions for: 

  • Sleeping all night so your body is in fat-burning mode
  • Liver and Gut health restoration, so you lose your bloating and improve your energy
  • Nutrition that is specific to your changing hormonal environment in menopause and for fat-burning
  • Reducing the inflammation that is keeping you in fat-gain mode
  • Exercising in ways that suit your body type, size and ability
  • Online coaching which keeps you learning and feeling motivated and supported!


I’ve lost 8.5kg now, and have so much more energy. When I wake up now, I want to get up and extend my day.  My stress levels have decreased dramatically and my body is moving more freely. I feel as if my life is back on track. I haven’t had any sleeping tablets for 4 months now and I have halved my anti depressants . Thank you.” [Pauline, 54 yrs, Nelson]