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I really appreciate women taking the time to update their contact details in our database.  When you do you are helping other women too, as this helps us to get emails into Inboxes for everyone. 

Just so you know, my newsletter is published every week on Saturday mornings so that you have plenty of time to pore over it during your weekends. I also have a Wednesday Briefing newsletter which explores one topic in more depth each week.  

If you are an avid reader, then hopefully you will get as much enjoyment reading it as I get from researching and writing it.  

If you are opting out, thank you for sharing your journey up to this point with me.  I realise my messages are not for everyone, but I hope you have found something in there for you. 

Thank you again.

Best wishes
Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) 

B.PhysEd/ PhD/ Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher & Educator/ MyMT™ Wellness Coach