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“I thought the only thing waiting for me was fat clothes, pain and a heart attack.” [Brenda, Tasmania]

I’m almost at the end of my 12 weeks Transform Me and I am TRANSFORMED!” mentioned Brenda in my private facebook community for the women on my 12 week programmes.

I was intrigued, because a ‘transformation’ isn’t just physical as modern gym-culture would have us believe. In my programmes, the term ‘transformation’ has relevance in the emotional as well as the acceptance of our ageing. Afterall, you cannot stop this process, only slow it down.

So, I sent Brenda an email asking about her ‘transformation’. She kindly shares it with you here. 

 “I’m 5kg lighter and the best thing is that I’m starting to lose that dangerous weight from my diaphragm now – just a bit more to go. 

However, getting back my brain clarity was amazing … I’m an author and I used to spend the whole time bashing out stories in a linear fashion like I’m pulling teeth wondering if I’m ever going to be as good as I used to be as I had so much brain-fog and emotional ups and downs.

This month I’ve sat down and written most of a novel in a patchwork method and kept the whole plot revolving in my head like I’m a professional juggler with a dozen plot balls in the air and none of them fell on my head!

I may have to thank Wendy in the acknowledgements! Thanks for giving my brain back, Wendy. 

I think what I most appreciated learning about, was oestrogen dominance. Learning what actually works to lose weight at this stage of my life.

The big picture of what is going on in menopause was also important and discovering why it’s such an issue for our bodies, because we are ageing. 

The smaller focusses on managing joint pain and gut health were life-changing and the food – the fact that I AM allowed to eat complex carbs like whole grains and sweet potatoes, which I love and missed due to poor dietary advice. I shall never be hungry again! And nuts! And chunky cruciferous salads!

I also loved that I don’t have to do high intensity workouts – which I hate! But swimming and walking which I enjoy are fine. I’m in Tasmania and love my walks along the beach. 

I also love that I don’t have to buy clothes a size bigger to hide my waistline! I can keep all my favourite clothes.

The permission from Wendy to eat the food I love and do the exercise I love and the knowledge to give my body what it needs to perform better, is so powerful.

I feel like my body always knew it needed more sleep, less alcohol, yummy veggies, complex carbs, gentle exercise, but we’re so tuned to fighting our bodies and forcing ourselves into crazy unattainable exercise and diet regimes, self-treating stress with alcohol, that we end up not knowing how to figure anything out.

Thanks Wendy. This programme was truly ‘transformational’ in so many ways.” 

Brenda, Tasmania

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