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Paula Ramage Image with Scenery

“I’ve been deployed as an Essential Worker to help the New Zealand Police. The views from my roving ‘office’ are stunning.” [Paula, NZ]

I think Essential Worker, Paula, has the most spectacular ‘room with a view’ in the world. Don’t you? 

Along with some colleagues from aviation security, we have a roving commission to do Reassurance Patrols throughout Central Otago. As well, we check on anything they need us to do. It’s quite a spectacular thing to be doing with the drop dead gorgeous autumn colours and perfect weather” mentioned Paula when she emailed me today. 

Paula lives in Central Otago in the South Island of New Zealand. The trees are changing colour in the Autumn/ Fall transition and her new role as an Essential Worker, takes her past some of the most stunning scenery in the world. I’ll never forget the day Paula came onto the MyMT™ programme.

As a busy Aviation Security Officer, she was on duty the day she signed up via the website. A frequent visitor to her part of the world, I was about to leave on a flight and was upstairs in the airport lounge. As I came through security I didn’t know the woman staring hard at me was Paula. How funny! She didn’t even know I was in the building – what a surprise she got!  But on my return back to my home town, I had an email from her, “Did you just fly up to Auckland?” was her question. From that day on, I looked for Paula every time I flew. Even though for now, it might be a little while before we get on flights again.  

That’s why I caught up with her this week. As someone who has a busy role in aviation security, I knew that times would be tough. But she had been deployed as a temporary Essential Worker instead. I was so pleased for her. Her new role is working as support for the New Zealand police – roving patrols around the beautiful Central Otago, South Island, province. Just checking up on people and making sure everyone is OK. ‘Reassurance Patrols’ are what they are called. 

Paula was with me on the programme in 2018 and continued in my coaching group. She had just started her job in aviation security and with lots of changes going on in her life, she realised that she needed a mid-life revamp. With the shift-work and not sleeping her weight had ballooned and this meant her hot flushes were causing her chaos too. As she moved through the Transform Me weight loss programme, we adjusted the timing of her meals to accommodate for her shift work. After a few weeks, she sent me this email, 

From that point on, Paula was underway. She was more focused on her food timing and type and understood how to adjust her sleep routine for her shift work. Her new role now also means shift-work, which is why I’m pleased that she understands how to focus on her energy levels and the timing of her food intake, so she can better cope with the important work she does helping others. 

Essential Workers have been keeping the country going during the pandemic and it’s been a privilege to do a ‘shout-out’ to those women who have also been part of the MyMT™ community as they go about their work.  Paula and her colleagues act as  “extra eyes and ears” in the community, doing patrols in the area and reporting any concerns or criminal or behavioural activities back to police. At a time of uncertainty for a lot of people, it’s such an important role Paula plays and it’s been a privilege to support her to support others.

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