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Meet Karen Tui Boyes – Passionate about Teachers in Menopause!

What do you do when you have so much going on in your life to help others, but you are feeling like you are only just getting through your day and the weight is stacking on, the hot flushes arrive and of course, the sleep doesn’t come? 

For passionate ‘Educator of the Educators’, Karen Tui Boyes, what you do is to turn to the one thing you know that is the foundation to behaviour change, and that is to educate yourself. So, she did. She listened to my Masterclass on Menopause, so what a nice surprise that she then wanted to interview me for her upcoming ‘TeachersMatter’ Online Summit in July. If you are a Teacher, Principal or Educator, then this is a ‘must’ for your calendar and I share the details and your special registration link with you below – the best news is that because you are part of my valued MyMT™ community, it’s FREE for you TO ATTEND).

When Karen got hold of me she asked me if I had any advice to give Teachers about their menopause transition. 

Well of course I do I replied.

My main message is that they must get their sleep sorted. They are giving out so much energy each and every day to their students and the wider school community, and many don’t understand that as they move through menopause, this drop in energy from not sleeping accumulates and is draining them. Hence, they very easily go into adrenal fatigue in their changing hormonal environment. This in turn, worsens hot flushes, increases blood pressure and causes even more sleep problems.”

It was such a privilege to ‘talk menopause’ with Karen as part of her preparation for her incredible online summit. Like Karen, I truly believe in the power of knowledge and when we put that knowledge into action, we open up our mind (and body) to the joy and anticipation of change.

Karen knows full well about how menopause affected her sleep, energy and weight and she tells you about it in this short video below.

Karen is truly, a phenomenal woman. She is the founder of Spectrum Education and a champion for LifeLong Learning. As the winner of the New Zealand Educator of the Year in both 2014 and 2017, and New Zealand Speaker of the Year in 2013 and 2019, Karen is an expert in effective teaching and learning, study skills, motivation and positive thinking. She knows her stuff!

But most importantly, like many of us entering mid-life, Karen knows that in order to thrive and become the best you can be, you have to look after your one greatest asset – YOU!

That’s why I love that she has a ‘Wellbeing’ component to her online summit and with the recognition that the Teaching profession is replete with women in their mid-life menopause transition, after listening to my Masterclass on Menopause, and changing her own health and wellbeing, (she shares her experience below) Karen wanted to ‘have a chat’.

Sharing my knowledge with Karen was a privilege and the interview will be shared with Teachers, Principals and Educators around the world in the Teachers Matter Summit 2021, which is on July 16th – 18th. You can check the details below and looking at the Summit details, boy, does she have a great line-up of international experts to share their knowledge with you if you are in this profession. I can’t believe that it’s free for you because you are part of the MyMT™ community. Wow – thanks Karen!! 

I have so many Teachers and retired Teachers on the 12 week MyMT™ programmes and it’s such a privilege to help them to feel better in order to do the fabulous work that they do. Over the past year, it’s been particularly challenging for Teachers with having to support students working from home and then being in their own home environment and all the stress of this as well. Martina in Ireland was the same. The exhaustion just accumulates as the weeks go on and it’s harder to do the job you love to do. 

I’m so pleased that Karen asked me to be on eof her guest speakers to help educate you if you are an Educator and is allowing you to attend the Teachers Matter Online Summit on the 16-18th July for FREE! 3 days with 25 speakers and 3 themes: leadership, pedagogy and wellbeing. If you are a teacher, principal or educator there is something here for you!

So whether you are an Educator or want to share this with an Educator you know, then please access your FREE ticket by clicking this link HERE.

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