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“I was 15lbs overweight and could barely run 5km. Now I’ve just completed a half marathon!”

It’s been over a year since Martina from Ireland joined me on the MyMT™ programme and to see how happy she was on completing her first half-marathon was so amazing. 

One of the things that I often say to women who join me is to just reflect on how you got to this point in your life whereby you feel so exhausted, emotional and for many of you, overweight. Nearly 2 years ago, Martina was the same.

I had to have some long, hard reflections about my own changing health and exhaustion when I arrived in menopause too. It’s a time when we often hand-over our symptom management to our Doctors or Naturopaths or the supplement companies. And yes, there’s nothing wrong with this, because when we are desperate we need a quick-fix. My pantry used to look like a medicine cupboard too as did Martina’s.

But what we often don’t reflect on is ‘how we got here‘ with our changing health nor do we reflect on ‘what do we need to do in order to change how we are feeling with regard to our lifestyle?’ This is what I am passionate about.

“I’m a teacher in Ireland” mentioned Martina, “and I’m getting in touch with you to thank you. I completed the programme at the end of last year, losing 7kg (15lbs). Now my bloods are turned around and I’ve managed to keep weight off for a year.

At the time before joining you, I went from being a lean marathon runner with great fitness to an overweight woman (gained 15 kg regardless of diet or exercise) who could barely complete 5 km. I really didn’t recognise the woman looking back in the mirror.

My bloods were all over the place, inflammation of joints and I was offered five different sets of medications including HRT, anti-inflammatories, sleeping tablets, anti depressants etc. When I asked medical professionals for an alternative they didn’t have one. That’s when I discovered your programme.

Over the past year, I’ve remained a member of your online community too and I recently completed the programme again with a friend whose bloods were frightening. Her bloods are now clear with healthy levels of cholesterol and inflammation markers.

I’ve managed to lose another 7kg bringing me back to my pre-menopause weight from 6 years ago. Also managed to complete my first half marathon in 2 years last weekend. I really do feel and look like myself again.

I just wanted to give you an update and thank you from bottom of my heart.

Martina, Ireland.

I’m so pleased for Martina. And it’s not just about her weight either. It’s because she is a busy Teacher and her running helps her to cope with all that is going on in her life.

Whilst I don’t have too much emphasis on exercise in my foundation programmes, Circuit Breaker and Transform Me, my goal is to get women feeling healthier and more energetic. Menopause changes can wreck havoc on our energy levels and cardiovascular system. The research is very clear on this now.

It’s why I’m always reinforcing to you that menopause isn’t ‘just’ about hot flushes – there are so many other things going on inside our body to do with our ageing and our ‘ageing’ starts around our mid-40s. Welcome to it!

Wendy Sweet (PhD), Founder, My Menopause Transformation/ Member: Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine 


If you are ready to tackle your mid-life health and weight with a systematic, scientifically-evidenced programme uniquely developed for women in menopause and post-menopause, then I have a 12 week online menopause-specific transformation plan for you. 

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