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MyMT Testimonial Australia Aleta

“I felt like I was running on adrenaline yet was totally exhausted. Some days it just felt like I was trying to pull myself through quicksand.” [Aleta, Australia]

“The year 2019 was a year where I felt totally uncomfortable within myself at 54 years of age.

Stressful events, an all-consuming full-time job and life-threatening family illnesses had caused me to feel like I was constantly on the run and waiting for the next wave of something terrible to happen. I felt like I was running on adrenaline yet was totally exhausted. Some days it just felt like I was trying to pull myself through quicksand. My sleep was disturbed, and I was constantly changing beds in the night to find the cool sheets. I found myself easily losing the plot, and not coping with even minor things.

Physically my body, well blossomed, much to my horror.

My hips laid down extra padding, my boobs grew so much that they entered the room before I did, and on a 5 ft small-framed woman it was ridiculous and uncomfortable. I ached all over, my inflammatory markers were high and for the first time ever my liver function went awol.

Yet like many other women searching for answers I was exercising daily including gym classes, cycling, walking, weights, and swimming. I thought I was eating reasonably healthily by following a diet provided by a dietitian four years ago which included a lot of protein like eggs (not the best idea when as I now know from Wendy’s information that I am oestrogen dominant) and low carbs. I did not really drink or eat chips or desserts. Yet the inflammation continued to the point where I had such severe plantar fasciitis that was not cured by rest in a boot, or anti-inflammatory tablets, or cortisone injections. In the end I had to have surgery with a 12-week recovery period.

It was in the lead up to the surgery, that I grew desperate for answers. I was frightened by the thought of being immobilized, not being able to exercise and putting on yet even more weight. I started searching the internet for answers on what was happening to me and the link with menopause. One day I came across Wendy’s website, My Menopause Transformation. At first, I was a little hesitant to join because I was like, will this just reinforce all the things I already know?

Yet taking that hesitant step to join in the MyMT™ Transform Me online programme has been the best thing for me both physically and mentally. I consumed the information provided. For me knowing the scientific basis behind what was happening both physically and mentally for me was so important. I was not going mad and most importantly I did not have to feel this uncomfortable within myself for the rest of my life. As I was basically immobilized, I started to make the changes to my diet first and focused on improving my sleep.

I did the liver cleanse, cutting out dairy, eggs and making green smoothies. Incredibly despite doing only limited exercise such as arm cycling, or chair boxing, the weight started to shift quickly. Without the oestrogen dominance promoting foods, my breasts decreased in size. More importantly my liver functions returned to normal.

My sleep improved and being forced to be at home, allowed myself slower starts to the morning, making sure I sat outside in the morning sunshine.

Over time as my foot and body healed, I was able to add in more exercise but not at the intensity I had previously been doing thanks to Wendy’s knowledge. I now feel that I am at a comfortable weight for my body size having lost approx. 8 kilos over time. 

I loved all the information Wendy provides to us, so much so that I also joined the Rebuild My Fitness program. The clear scientific explanations she provides are fantastic for understanding what is happening inside our bodies at the crazy time of life. Wendy herself is amazing, answering emails with compassion, empathy, and helpful suggestions. The Facebook forum is also terrific, reading other women’s similar stories is validating and the support provided to each other by total strangers all over the world is invaluable. Even though I have been with the programs for a long time, I find myself going back to them when I can feel that perhaps I am slipping a little in moments of stress. Just reading the information helps me to reset. Joining Wendy in her My Menopause Transformation programs has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am feeling more like myself, and able to play on the floor now freely with my first grandchild. Thank you, Wendy!”

Aleta Snow, Australia

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