Thank You for purchasing Grateful Gut Health Restoration programme

Congratulations on the successful purchase of the MyMT™ Grateful Gut Health Restoration mini-programme.  This is a single step module focused exclusively on the identifying and managing the lifestyle factors which contribute to bloating and digestion problems in menopause.
Taking this small step in improving your experience of menopause is such an important part of investing in YOU at this time of your life.  I’m so excited to be supporting you. Let’s work together and make it count.

What you need to do now to Get Started:

  1. There is no health screening form for this stand-alone module so you can view the module and the PDF downloads right away.
  2. So check your email inbox for Login instructions and Password for access to the Grateful Gut Health Restoration module. They should arrive within the next 5 minutes.
  3. And while you are waiting, don’t forget to set your Junk Mail to “Never Block Sender” so that you receive all the rest of my programme emails too (if you don’t receive an email from MyMT™ within 5 minutes of purchase there is a good chance it is in your SPAM email folder). For more instructions on how to manage your Junk Mail visit this page on my website.

I can’t wait to get you started…..welcome on board!

Best wishes
Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD)
Your Menopause and Wellness Coach