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“I’m in my 70’s and I didn’t know that my 20 years of not sleeping was impacting on my weight.” [Iris, Australia]


“You don’t need to go” said Iris to herself every night for a week – “You only think you need to.”
And so began Iris turning around 25 years of not sleeping. I nearly didn’t allow her onto the programme, because I didn’t think that she was in ‘my target demographic’, but then I thought about my late-mum and how at 70+ years old, all she wanted was better knees, weight loss, improved heart health and a good night’s sleep. That’s why I thought a lot about Iris as she worked through the programme – because it was everything that my mum should have learnt too but I didn’t have the knowledge back then to share with her. And we know that our mother’s generation hardly ever spoke about menopause. 
Intrigued at what Iris learnt on the programme and what she got out of it, I asked her to make a small video when I saw her in Brisbane recently. I’m so grateful to her for allowing me to share it with you  – especially if you are in post-menopause:
You know Wendy, at long last, your programme gave me permission not to eat so much red meat. I’ve been eating it all my life and now realise that my weight and sore joints was a huge part of my dietary choices. It’s all our generation ever knew.
But now that I’ve done your programme, my joints aren’t as sore and after 30 years, the weight is finally coming off. I just feel so much more in control. 
And as for sleep, I used to get up every night to use the loo. Have done for over 30 years. But now I virtually never get up. You don’t need to go, I tell myself. You only think you do. I’ve got so much more energy now to travel and enjoy life. Turning around my sleep and now losing weight has been life-changing.
Iris Windsor, 😍🌷70-something years old, loves clothes that are pink or lavender and proof that you’re never too old to change your life – even in post-menopause.

Have a wee listen when you get a minute. 



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