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“I sleep deeply and my plantar fasciitis is gone!” [Lucinda, Australia]

“I came to My Menopause Transformation somewhat jaded and utterly exhausted. Sleep had become a battleground, my body wracked by hot flushes and worries about the weight gain that not even one solid hour of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), a day could shift. No matter what I did, I felt tired beyond measure, and the injuries kept mounting from all that exercise; plantar fascitis, a dodgy knee – as the list got longer, my heart sank further.

That all of this was happening at 43 years of age meant that I felt truly alone.

The only women who understood what I was going through were much older and described menopause as a living hell. When my gorgeous doctor suggested anti-depressants after confirming that, yes, it was menopause at 44, I flat out refused them. Later, another doctor called me back after a routine blood test to tell me that I had ‘elevated levels’ in my liver, but that it was probably just because I’d had a ‘big night’ before the test.  As someone who’d stopped drinking a few years earlier, this made no sense, and he could offer no other theory.

A young naturopath put me on a low-histamine diet after she discovered my body was chock full of inflammation. As someone who likes to cook and has always eaten a mainly plant-based diet, the high meat-protein, low-carb and hardly-any-vegetable restrictions depressed me. The flushes got worse. I was ready to give up.  

But I started googling one afternoon and MyMT™ kept coming up. I reached out to Wendy, hoping this time things would be different. They were.

To say that Wendy’s program changed my life may sound cliched, but it truly and irrevocably did!

I began to understand my sleeping issues and made changes that have stuck. I changed how I moved my body, how I viewed exercise and, amazingly, Wendy’s practical advice about plantar fasciitis in her ‘Restore your Joyful Joints’ module which was, amazingly, part of her programme, cured the problem. 

Being able to walk again has been freeing both mentally and physically. I’ve turned around my liver health through what I’ve learned on the program and am losing weight the right way. Utterly life-changing!

Most of all though, it was the loneliness about having gone through menopause earlier than girlfriends and peers that was eased through the incredibly supportive MyMT™ Facebook group and Wendy’s thoughtful, encouraging replies.

As someone who teaches meditation part-time, I feel as though I am, finally, calm and back in control. When I completed Wendy’s Transform Me programme, I immediately signed up for her 12 week exercise programme too. I’m fitter and more confident in all areas of life.  I now sleep deeply and feel a lot wiser about what works and what doesn’t for my body. All of this makes me a much better teacher as well. I no longer feel exhausted by the slightest of physical tasks and am back to gardening with gusto.  

I was out walking this morning and reflected that for some time I’d viewed exercise as a drudge, as this thing that had become too hard for me, but now, after following the programme, I exercise because I enjoy the sights and sounds and smells as well as the feeling of moving.

One of the questions Wendy asked was, “What exercise did you love as a child/adolescent?” and for me, it was bushwalking as a kid, and walking everywhere as a teenager and young adult. The freedom it allowed and the things I used to notice about the world informed my art as now it does again. I’m even making art again (I have a degree in drawing) and I’m sure that’s because of the reduction in inflammation and my improved movement and moods. 

The work, care and love that is put into MyMT™ made a huge impact on me. Thank you, Wendy, for a truly transformative experience. I’m so glad I took the leap.”  

Lucinda Dodds, Australia.

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