Success Stories

“I feel great. I sleep better. No more bloating and my husband and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary in Germany.”

Well that was an unexpected surprise seeing my face on facebook” said Danni. “But what’s wonderful —-I’m not an advert. Or a paid spokesperson. Or a model (ha). I’m just 53 and finally over the menopause hump thanks to your MyMT programme Wendy!

I remember when you emailed me and I was on yet another diet and doing lots of exercise (and not losing an ounce), and you told me that many of these diets weren’t suited to the hormonal changes I was going through in menopause. I was doing so much exercise and felt exhausted. My poor sleep, heavy periods, hot flashes, bloating and weight gain made me miserable, so coming on board changed my life.

Everything you mentioned in your programme made so much sense and I liked how it was all evidenced against menopause. 

I now incorporate what you taught me and what I read in your coaching page into my daily routines.

I feel great.

I sleep better.

I’ve lost weight and my bloating is gone!

My husband and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary in Germany and we are more in love now than ever. Thanks to you for all your wisdom and patience. I remember my first email to you begging for help and you saying you wish you could reach through your computer to give us Americans a big hug and help us. You did! You have proved that we don’t need all the marketing hype out there – we just need to change our lifestyle to suit menopause – there is a light at the end of the menopause tunnel. Thank you.” 

It’s been such a privilege to help Dani, as it is with all the women who join me on the MyMT 12 week programmes. Like me, she struggled with bloating and increasing weight, no sleep and having to cope with a full-time job and a busy house-hold. Her hesitancy to come into the programme was due to the confusion she felt about the barrage of diets and exercise regimes that were being marketed to her.

But I told her that many of these are not designed for busy women who can’t sleep – fat-burning occurs overnight. Nor do they take into account how much our liver, gallbladder and bile production change as we lose oestrogen. This occurs because menopause is simply the gateway to our biological ageing and all of our organs are changing as time and age progresses us through menopause. 

If you haven’t read my article about ‘Why Your Liver Matters to your Weight Loss in Menopause’, then please click through when you have time. 

When you come on board into either of the MyMT™ 12 week online programmes and put into action my powerful lifestyle strategies to help you re-balance your hormones in menopause, you’ll re-discover the joy of sleeping all night and feeling like your old self again.

Hundreds of women all over the world tell me this every day. Whether you choose MyMT™ Circuit Breaker (for thinner/ leaner women) or you want to understand how to lose your menopause belly fat with MyMT™ Transform Me, then these powerful, scientifically evidenced programmes are for you. You only need 60 minutes a week over the 12 weeks to listen to each module that opens up in your private learning hub. Then you come on board into my private coaching community where I post regular updates for you and you stay connected with me through here or via email. Each programme as well as my coaching is $99NZ a month for 3 months because that’s how long it takes to re-balance your body to match your changing hormones as you transition into the next stage of your life. 

I can’t wait to teach you what to do in my step-by-step programme. 

Dr Wendy Sweet, PhD/ MyMT Founder & Coach/ Member: Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. 

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