Success Stories

“I must admit, I’ve never felt better. 8 kg lost, but the best thing is, I’m sleeping all night.” [Debbie, New Zealand]

I love this photo of Debbie. She exudes energy and vitality. I can tell she feels so different about herself now. When I look back at our emails between each other, the difference she describes now, from when she first started the MyMT Transform Me programme is amazing. Such a journey she’s been on. I know it’s always a big decision to come on board – especially when for many of us, we’ve tried ‘everything’. Debbie was the same.  I’m so pleased that she came on board though, because when other strategies didn’t work for her menopause symptom reduction and weight loss, this one did. Determined to do something about her changing health and weight in menopause, the hardest step to take, is deciding that you need the right knowledge and support for the age-and-stage we are at in menopause. That’s why I loved getting this photo from Debbie and her email after the 12 weeks which said, “I feel like the healthy, happy me again.” 

From not sleeping, being up in the night 2-3 times a night to use the loo, experiencing mood swings, a foggy brain and weight gain, Debbie was at her wit’s end. Especially as she was about to start another job, requiring her to be on her feet all day. It’s tough to do your job when you are distracted with menopause symptoms, sore legs and un-ending fatigue. You think to yourself “Is this really my lot as I get older?” I used to think that too.

As she worked through the 12 weeks, Debbie kept in regular contact with me. We tweaked things here and there and I was relieved to hear that she was also exercising with a reputable Personal Trainer in her community, who kept in touch with me also. In the Transform Me programme which Debbie was working through, I don’t like women to do too much exhausting exercise, until they are sleeping all night and have restored energy levels. The key with menopause fat-loss is  to undertake aerobic activity until women are sleeping all  night again, otherwise the stress hormone called cortisol remains high causing more blood sugar chaos. Debbie loved the change in pace.

As the weeks went on, I loved hearing about her transformation and can’t thank Debbie enough for sharing her photo and story to reassure you, that yes, you can turn around your health, symptoms, sleep and weight in menopause.

My lifestyle has changed a lot. I enjoy sleeping now without waking. I love waking up feeling energetic and my family have noticed how different I’ve become, I wake early and get so much done.  The sluggish, foggy headache, sore joints, back etc are gone. Nothing is a problem now. I feel like the healthy, happy me again.” 

Imagine in 12 weeks time you are feeling like your old self again – in control of your health, weight and symptoms as you transition menopause. 

If you would like to tackle your mid-life health and weight with a scientifically evidenced, systematic programme specifically tailored for you during menopause, then will you let me help you ? Because if you do, then I have the 12 week online menopause-specific weight loss transformation plan you’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait to share it with you. 

It’s NOT TOO LATE to turn around your mid-life HEALTH and your WEIGHT. All you have to know is HOW. I’ve done the research, so all you do is put it into ACTION with ‘MyMT Transform Me’ , 12 week menopause weight loss programme.  Your 50’s are an important milestone in your life and I want you to feel energetic, vibrant and ‘alive’ so that you enjoy the next 30 years of living that you still have to do!  Priced at $99NZ per month for 3 months, this fabulous online programme which you do in your time at your pace, also includes my private coaching. 



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