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MyMT Success Story Jeanette

“I now know what works for my body’”- Jeanette

When she received the phone call that she needed to return to her Doctor for the results of her recent blood tests, Jeanette was nervous. She knew that a re-call like this was typically bad news. She was right. The nurse explained that her Liver Function Tests were a little abnormal. All Jeanette could remember was the embarrassment she felt when the nurse enquired about her alcohol consumption. Jeanette hardly touched alcohol.

The weight had stacked on since menopause hit in her early 50’s and when Jeanette joined the on-line MyMT program, she was 15 kgs heavier than her pre-menopause weight. Although she was POST-MENOPAUSAL she was also on Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for her hot flushes. Jeanette knew that her health needed a makeover.

Especially as her mother had experienced similar weight gain and heart disease was in her family.

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As she was exploring her options it was her brief conversation with MyMT™ Founder, Wendy Sweet, which hit the mark.

As Wendy reviewed Jeanette’s blood work including the Liver Function results it was obvious that Jeanette’s liver was not doing its job. Not only was the liver not performing its proper waste-buster job, but the HRT that she had taken for years, was possibly contributing to inflammatory changes. The spin-off to all of this was hormonal chaos, weight gain AND now changed liver function tests.

When Wendy explained that her LIVER was contributing to her WEIGHT GAIN, and setting her up for INSULIN RESISTANCE and a condition called METABOLIC SYNDROME, Jeanette decided to do the MyMT program. Metabolic Syndrome she discovered was what her mother had which caused high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes.

With the information supplied by the MyMT™ programme and more importantly, the support to change her daily lifestyle habits Jeanette worked with her Doctor to get off HRT. What she put into place was a new eating plan specific to menopause which stabilised her blood sugar levels AND helped her to turn around her LIVER HEALTH.

Working in a full time job, and with young grand-children, Jeanette discovered RENEWED ENERGY she hadn’t had for years. She learnt that what worked in the past for her body, no longer worked today. It’s been a revelation.

Swayed by media images of what is supposed to be ‘healthy eating’, she had become confused about how to look after her body to SUIT HER MENOPAUSE TRANSITION. She also learnt to walk more. Today her focus is on regenerating and renewing her health ready for the next phase of her life. She has worked through ‘Circuit-Breaker’ and is now onto ‘Re-Build Me’. Her blood tests have improved, but more importantly, she has MORE ENERGY and VITALITY for enjoying her grand-children.

“When I started the program after hearing Wendy’s presentation in a ‘healthy-ageing’ seminar in Hamilton, everything she said resonated with me. I have loved the PROCESS that I have followed. Sometimes I get off track, but I know now, what works and what doesn’t, so this REINFORCES the changes I have made. I haven’t had this much ENERGY in years.”

Disclaimer: *Results may vary from person to person. While the testimonial provided show real results, we cannot guarantee the same results for everybody.

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