Success Stories

“I’m now inspired and excited about my future living my best life!” [Suzy, Australia].

“Here I am on the other side of menopause and I can’t thank Dr Wendy Sweet enough for the caring, honest and informed way she guided me through my menopause journey.

I was in my early 40s with increasingly worsening health and little help as no one understood what was happening to me, including me.

It was constant medical and specialist appointments as I was referred on, no-one believing it could be due to menopause at such a young age. I was scared, unhealthy and sad.

After going through the MyMT™ programs and emailing Wendy for personal guidance I was finally provided with HOPE and as I followed her advice and programs, my symptoms reduced and my energy, sleep and overall health improved.

I am now inspired and excited about my life and my future. As I started to believe in my body again I reignited my old passion for freediving. After a two year journey here I am last month at the World Pool Freediving Championships in South Korea representing my country (NZ). 

The big smile in my photo is because I had just broken the Continental record and set a new New Zealand record by swimming 177m underwater on one breath with bi-fins.

At 46 years old and post-menopause I am constantly searching for new ways to keep growing and living a deeply inspiring life. I can’t thank Wendy enough for helping me along the way.

Feel free to follow me on my instagram account @noairsuzy and good luck to all the ladies in Dr Wendy’s community. You have come to the right place for your healthy menopause transition”.

Suzy M., Australia

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