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“My daughter has never seen me this thin in her entire life! I’m sleeping and feeling so much better.” [Heather, New Zealand]

I still remember when Heather attended my Masterclass on Menopause seminar in Wellington, New Zealand. She emailed me not long afterwards concerned about not sleeping, and worried about her changing cholesterol levels, sore joints and increasing weight gain. She was at her wits-end. Nothing she was doing was working. 

Having watched her health all her life, and exercising most days, as she reached her early 50’s and so many health-markers were changing, she was confused and frustrated.  Thank goodness attending my seminar made her realise how much her interrupted sleep during menopause was impacting on her immune health, cholesterol levels and her weight gain.

As I always say in my seminars,

“When menopause is taking your sleep away, you aren’t able to achieve overnight fat-burning. That’s when you start to become oestrogen dominant. In a changing hormonal environment, excess oestrogen in the body gets stored in fat cells causing insulin chaos. Insulin is the hormone which is secreted by the pancreas and helps to carry glucose (sugar) to cells. But when we aren’t sleeping, the muscle and liver cells can become inflamed, so this overnight fat-burning gets disrupted. In many women, this leads to more fat-gain during post-menopause putting them at risk for higher cholesterol and heart-disease.” 

That’s why, with her weight going up and her hot flushes and sleep becoming disrupted, I was so pleased when Heather decided to join the MyMT™ programme so she could learn how to thrive in her menopause transition.

Heather has completed the online, 12 week course now – I feel so grateful to her for sharing this with you …  

“Coming on to the My Menopause Transformation programme has been life-changing. I’ve lost over 8.5kgs now and I feel and look amazing! I had to invest in a whole new wardrobe recently as nothing seemed to fit me anymore. I’m almost back to what I used to weigh pre-kids! (My 19-year-old daughter said she’s never seen me this small in her whole life and she’s even borrowing a few of my clothes now!). I’ve gone from a size 10/12 pants to a size 8 and my tops have gone from a M/12/14 to a S/8/10. Woohoo!

What Wendy’s programme did for me, was to help me understand that my lifestyle needed to change as I came through menopause. Her programme is targeted towards helping women change their diet to suit our health as we age and it includes strategies for getting off sugar which contributes to our hot flushes.

But food isn’t the only thing that this programme helps with. The information on sleep and hot flush reduction is so powerful and I now have so much energy. Before coming onto the programme, I had so many hot flushes, but now I have  I also have very few hot flushes now but if I do feel them coming on (especially due to stress) I can quickly use the techniques I have learned in the programme to help to control them.

I’m generally sleeping through the night again but if I do wake up I can usually just turn over and get back to sleep. I also had no idea about why the exercise I used to do wasn’t helping me during menopause. I was feeling so tired at the time and with the Boot Camps I was doing, I didn’t realise how detrimental this would be on my sleep and my weight. With the changes that Wendy suggests, I’m feeling fitter that I ever have.

I’m feeling so much better and healthier.

My blood test results show my Vitamin D levels are up and my Cholesterol levels are down which is great for my long-term health. I am looking forward to enjoying the rest of my life with renewed zeal and energy. Thank you so much Wendy. Your programme is life-changing.”

[Heather, Wellington, New Zealand]

Which MyMT programme is right for you? 

Rediscover your mid-life health, vitality and energy:

I want you to feel like your old-self again. Do you? If so, then I have researched how to turn around our symptoms in menopause and/or lose weight without resorting to endless expensive supplements.

It would be my privilege to have you  join me via your 12 week online self-learning, MyMT™ menopause transformation programme. Choose from Circuit Breaker (for thinner women) OR Transform Me (for women wanting to lose weight). Each 12 week programme is NZ$99 a month for 3 months and this includes my personalised coaching too. I can’t wait to share my discoveries with you. 

Are you ready to re-discover your health, vitality and energy again? I hope so!

When you come on board into either of the MyMT™ 12 week online programmes and put into action my powerful lifestyle strategies to help you re-balance your hormones in menopause, you’ll re-discover the joy of sleeping all night and feeling like your old self again. Thousands of women all over the world tell me this every day. Whether you choose MyMT™ Circuit Breaker (for thinner/ leaner women) or you want to understand how to lose your menopause belly fat with MyMT™ Transform Me, then these powerful, scientifically evidenced programmes are for you.

You only need 60 minutes a week over the 12 weeks to listen to each module that opens up in your private learning hub. Then you come on board into my private coaching community where I post regular updates for you and you stay connected with me through here or via email.

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