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MyMT Success Story Phillipa

“My night sweats have gone” – Phillipa

At 51 years, Phillipa was happily assisting her husband to manage their rural business. Living in the country her days were busy and her when her head hit the pillow at night, she was straight to sleep.

Then peri-menopause arrived. Her sleep became restless and the night sweats that came upon her at 3-4am, left her awake until she reluctantly had to get up at 6am to begin the days work. Sometimes she would overheat and then cool down and start trembling. 

The cycle of no sleep and farming work left her not only exhausted but in despair. She knew her husband relied on her to help run their property. Normally she would spring out of bed but over the last few years the ‘get up and go’ had really gone and her ENERGY LEVELS were low.

But there was also something else. The FEELINGS she had before a HOT FLUSH would engulf her at all hours of the day and night. Normally a really laid back woman, she now felt ANXIOUS before a hot-flush. This left her bewildered and in even more despair.

MyMT was just what Phillipa needed. Although she had changed her eating and had visited a nutritionist over the years, what this didn’t take care of was the ANXIETY and BROKEN SLEEP.

The MyMT program CHANGED HER LIFE. After learning the strategies to turn down her night sweats and sleep all night, Phillipa was a new person within one week. That’s right. That’s how long it took for her to put into action the strategies she learnt. What she learnt was that her low oestrogen levels were causing havoc with her sleep hormones and this was causing her thyroid hormones to get out of sync as well. Not only did she learn how to turn around her sleep schedule to suit her changing hormonal profile in menopause, but she needed to change what and when she was eating. Not just in the evening, but during the day. Soon her ENERGY LEVELS returned as well. Phillipa discovered the power of eating a diet SPECIFIC for her menopause transition. With the right food and nutrients for her changing hormone status, her hot flushes decreased in intensity and severity – day and night.

As Phillipa discovered, although she THOUGHT she was doing the right things, she wasn’t allowing her HORMONES TO INTERACT with each other in peri-menopause. Now she’s a new woman! We love that!

“The info on your program is really good! I thought I had it all sorted, but I didn’t. I like the personal attention you gave me to sort out those issues. I now sleep all night and the night sweats have GONE. I can’t thank you enough.”

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