Success Stories

“Peri-menopause was a challenge, but I’ve lost 7kg, overcome allergies, gut health problems and hot flushes.” [Wendy H., Australia]

I am what you might call one of your quiet achievers, having devoured all the information you’ve shared over that time and slowly put it into practice.

I’ve entered menopause early, officially clocking more than a year without a period just as I turned 48 this year. For me (and my husband) peri-menopause has been a challenging experience, but I’m happy to say that I feel like I’m getting to the other side and am starting to feel more in control of my symptoms.

I’m now at the point I can interpret what’s going on with my health by referring back to all the materials you’ve shared through your Transform Me programme.

To give you an idea of how much you’ve helped, I’ve successfully:

  • lost 7kg (and still going) while increasing muscle mass
  • overcome a debilitating and sudden onset of allergies caused by gut health changes that led to shortness of breath and occular rosacea (meaning I can now garden and snorkel on the great barrier reef again – yay!) 
  • improved my energy levels through changing my exercise regime as you recommend, from almost daily HiiT sessions to swimming, yoga, weights and walking
  • learnt to manage triggers that cause hot flushes – while they return from time to time I now use them as a sign that I’m out of balance and need to reset my intentions and nutrition, according to the programme.

I often get asked how I’m navigating peri-menopause and I refer anyone who’s interested to your programmes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, you truly have helped me turn my life around.

I’ve attached a pic that one of my girlfriends snapped of me out on the great barrier reef off Cairns. It was a great way to celebrate a birthday after starting to find my energy again.

To give you more context around that photo, I’d just spent an hour snorkelling on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef with a Hawksbill sea turtle – they’re endangered so it was a very rare sight and such an amazing, calming experience. I only spotted the turtle because I rescued that pool noodle you can see in the photo from floating away – another visitor to the reef that day abandoned it in the middle of the ocean. If they didn’t do that – and I didn’t swim out to grab it – I never would have seen and experienced that amazing turtle! Explains why my smile was so big in the photo.”

Wendy H., Queensland, Australia

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