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VIDEO: “Like most working mothers, I put my head down, hoping my symptoms would miraculously go away.” [Danni, New Zealand]

I had been struggling by myself to try and manage my health after developing Graves disease, a congenital hyper-active thyroid condition that started to occur in my menopause years. This was triggering a heart condition that threw me into intermittent atrial fibrillation putting me at high risk of potentially suffering a stroke. 

But like most working mothers I just put my head down and kept going, hoping it would all resolve itself and my symptoms would miraculously go away.

My afternoons became a drag and I relied on sugary foods and cat naps to get through most days.  Night after night I wasn’t sleeping and then trying to get through my own studies, I was up at all hours of the night at the computer.

I had no idea how much this was impacting on my health and making my thyroid function even worse, until I wound up in hospital and had to take three months off work and put my PhD on hold.  After radio-active therapy I was plunged into hypo-thyroidism and started stacking on weight I simply couldn’t shift.  All I knew was that I didn’t want this to be ‘my lot’ for the rest of my life.  I began to get concerned about how healthy I might be as I got older – what a drag I was becoming on my family and whether I would still be able to ride my beautiful horses.

With not being able to go on HRT because of my thyroid medications, I realised I needed a lifestyle solution. That’s when I joined up on Wendy’s programme. 

Last week I finally achieved my PhD! (phew).  A degree I would never have achieved (especially now that I’m in my late 50s) before I got my thyroid, eating, weight and sleep under control. The Transform Me programme has done so much for my confidence.

Little steps have gradually become bigger strides and now I am smiling! I have so much more energy too as you can see from my latest ‘project’ training for dressage on my horse Bounce lol). I’ve taken him to two dressage comps and we have placed in our class.

I can’t thank you enough Wendy, for your encouragement and practical solutions to the age old problem of menopause. And to all my sisters out there, no matter what your goal is, you CAN do it 🌟”

Dr Danni (PhD), Auckland, New Zealand. 

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