Success Stories

“What a difference a year makes!” (Hil, New Zealand)

The year has flown by and what a surprise I got when Hil emailed me last week. She reminded me that it’s been a year since she came on board into the MyMT™ programme. 

We often look forward to ‘new beginnings’ during mid-life and Hil is a great example of this! That’s why I wanted to share what she has been up to since completing the programme. Hil is a busy lady – with a passion for the outdoors, she has turned around her sleep and joint health. Two hallmarks of changing health for women during their menopause transition! 

So, as part of our ‘New Beginnings’ Month, here’s a little reminder from Hil, that yes, you can change things up a bit in mid-life … and I don’t just mean your symptoms! 

Dear Wendy,

I just wanted to touch base with you to share my little success story with you. Last winter season I still struggled with a sore body, breathing difficulty and very low energy at times. All this prevented me from enjoying what I love, cross country skiing.

But what a difference a year makes!

Following your program (well, most of it) I achieved so much this season. I was up at the Snow Farm four days a week throughout the whole season either teaching or being coached myself. Plus, I continued working 2 days at work per week at the local ISITE (Information Centre).

My body coped tremendously well. I felt strong, full of energy and recovery was a lot faster. Yes, I felt tired and heavy or sore at times but it didn’t last long and was nothing compared to the previous season.

I focused on getting good carbs and protein in during the day ( brown rice salad is now my favourite lunch), loved my beetroot and celery in any form, had lots more plant based food in general, slightly smaller portions at night and lots and lots of water.

I have been already dairy free and haven’t been drinking alcohol for years and watch my sugar intake although I had a sweet treat in the afternoon pretty regularly. 

At the end of every day I would do either yoga or a stretch sequence which was not only good for my body but also for my mind. With a few exceptions I slept like a baby, yay!

The best news is that thanks to all of this, I managed to get my New Zealand and my international certificate as a cross country ski instructor both in classic and skate technique. I could not have done it without all your knowledge and advice that you are sharing so generously.

Thank you so very much, Wendy!




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