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“Working full time on our high country station and dealing with menopause, I felt wrecked. Now I’m sleeping and full of energy.” [Sally, NZ]

“Back at the beginning of June I was feeling terrible” said Sally when she emailed me. “Exhausted, struggling to sleep, night sweats … you name it, I had it!

I have a physically demanding day job, owning and working full time on our high country station and autumn is always frantic, mustering, crutching sheep, weaning calves etc not to mention keeping up with food preparation for the extra workers around plus the dreaded office work. I was wrecked! 

I’m a high country station owner in New Zealand, with my own team of dogs working full time on the farm. Going for a moderate walk once a day seems like a holiday to me and not an option if I’m working but doing Wendy’s programme was life-changing. 

Desperate to proceed with our plans for a three week adventure (and relaxation!) holiday, I joined up to MyMT™ last year and dived in with a vengeance! 

The biggest difference was learning to sleep all night – knowing how to manage those night sweats is like heaven when it happens! Although it did take me a few weeks, it was so worth persevering and Wendy’s support was invaluable.

Halfway through the programme, we went on our much deserved holiday and it felt so good to be able to enjoy all the things we had planned … mountain biking the Old Ghost Road over two days, daily bike rides all down the West Coast and a three day Alps to Ocean plus cross country mountain bike ride with friends.

All interspersed with cozy Camper van sleeps beside the beach and of course healthy meals out or cooked at the camp ground kitchen. You’d be surprised how many delicious roast vegie salads are available in our wonderful sea/lake side New Zealand pubs!

In the past I’ve enjoyed competitive mountain bike racing, horse trekking and generally active pursuits. All while raising a family and working on the farm. I love how this programme caters for people like me who live active lifestyles and actually enjoy a bit of hard work (and biking on the mountain bike!) as all other programmes I looked at seemed to focus on weight loss as everyone’s main priority!

One of the main things that I got out of the MyMT programme, was understanding that I also needed to take time to re-evaluate my lifestyle and expectations on myself. Feeling so exhausted, I needed to get my energy back, starting with sleeping all night and getting control of night sweats and hot flushes.

I’m 50 now with grown up kids and I now understand that it’s not only silly but detrimental for me to be competing with my younger self.

I still have so much more living to do and so much left to enjoy. But through this programme and the knowledge I’ve gained, I’ve learnt to pace myself better and take time to smell the roses, as well as say ‘no’ sometimes when there’s too much pressure on. That is such a turning point for me and it’s made such a different to my mind-set.

It’s so powerful when you know how to look after yourself at this age and stage of life and whilst there’s work to do, mountain’s to climb and bikes to ride, there’s also air to breathe and dinner by candle light too ladies! It’s getting the balance right that this programme helped me to understand. “My how 12 weeks goes by so quickly! ” 

Sally Smith, New Zealand. 

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