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“I’ve not had knee joint pain and we are halfway through the Camino de Santiago.” [Lesley, New Zealand]

Lesley has been with me on the My Menopause Transformation programme for a long time. When she mentioned that she was going to tackle the 700+km Camino de Santiago, I knew she had to sort out her joint and muscles health. 

We are all enjoying her journey as she posts into the MyMT™ private coaching community and I wanted to share some of her journey with you, to inspire you that you can turn around your joint health, sleep and symptoms as you age, so that you can go on amazing adventures! 

I’m a 65yr old grandmother of 5 and retired Emergency Nurse Specialist. I have had a Cardiac Pacemaker since I was 20 for slow heart rate but also need to be careful of my heart rate going too high.

I’ve done some NZ Great Walks over the years but never anything as long as the Camino.

The first 2 days were brutal.

Day 1. From St Jean Pied de Port in France, 28.55km over the Pyrenees to Roncesvalles in Spain, took 10 hours.

We had a 8km/3 hour climb to Orisson in very hot sun, (my heart rate hit 175), then more climbing in the mist with a very cold wind at the Alto, (total 1200m climb) followed by a very steep 500m down through the forest finishing in the rain.

Day 2 was tough too. 30.4km in 8 hours descending more than 450m at times on very challenging terrain.

We started in drizzle, then rain for several hours before the sun came up and it heated up.

I’ve not had any knee joint pain but did have some soft tissues issues early on. I did have some pain behind my left knee that was related to posture. I was leaning forward too much as I walked. As long as I stand upright with my shoulders back I’m fine.

By day 5/6 my cousin and I were feeling fine – no longer grimacing when we had to carry our suitcases upstairs.

Heat has been the biggest issue. The temps reach late 20’s by midday with only a slight breeze. We endeavor to get going as early as possible but our, paid for, breakfasts are sometimes not till 8.

I’ve been having salads with masses of olive oil at night and the fish dish whenever possible. Things I learnt to do on the MyMT™ programme.

We are about halfway now – 400km and I’m feeling good. We’ve had a few shorter, mostly flat days lately 16-22km which is nice. There are some big climbs and 30km days in the next 2 weeks, but I know that I will get through them.”

Lesley, New Zealand

Menopause is not a disease. But it is a stage of life where changing hormone levels can trigger other health problems. You may benefit from a reset and refocus on your changing health as you move towards your post-menopause years.

If you have arrived in midlife (early 40s – late 60s) you are now in a completely different hormonal environment, as your body prepares for its biological ageing.

You may know that the decline in oestrogen and progesterone during midlife contributes to symptoms. But, have you ever been told why? And have you ever been informed that there are natural, lifestyle solutions that are scientifically evidenced to relieve your symptoms?

No? Neither had I.

I talk about some of these in the MyMT™ Masterclass on Menopause. At only NZ$15/ AUS$13/ UK£6/ CAN$11, you can’t afford not to listen to what I have to say!

Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD)

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