Success Stories

“My main goal was to get back skiing, and now I am!” [Annelise, Australia]

I remember when Annelise came onto the programme. She was troubled with sore joints and was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to ski again, because her knees were so sore. It was the same for me, so I knew to point her in the direction of my Joint Health module and the anti-inflammatory benefits of the programme. 

It was such a pleasure seeing the photo that she sent me and her email to see how far she has come. She kindly allowed me to share it with you, so I hope this gives you hope that yes, you can get back into doing the activity that you love to do, if menopause symptoms and aches and pains have got in the way.  

I just wanted to say a big thanks for your wonderful program and support. You really are quite an amazing lady to be dedicated and supportive of so many ladies world wide and to bring us all the latest and greatest with informative email and articles.

From your program I have gained a better understanding of so many things but probably the best thing is that, I can still do it and I’m not over the hill yet! I turn 50 this month and I’m celebrating. I will never have my 25 or 35 year old body again but I’m looking forward to keeping this 50 Year old body in the best shape I can.

Since doing your programme, I have:

  • Stopped gaining weight
  • Starting a new walking routine
  • Doing more exercise in general
  • Enjoy a much improved diet
  • Drinking much less alcohol, mostly none except holidays has been a bit more.

I’ve also experienced an incredible improvement in my lower back and I went back skiing. That was my main goal!

I always like it when things become routine and part of my daily life. That’s what I have got most out of in terms of the programme. Most of these things you suggest are now second nature to me, so I will just work to maintain and get back on track if I get off. I will add a few more things in as I go.

Many thanks again,

Annelise, Australia

PS: In all my programmes, there are optional modules on Joint Health, Gut Health, Heart Health and more! 

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