‘The Art of Not Falling Apart’ (a book by Christina Patterson) and why menopause makes anxiety worse.

I know a bit about stress. Not only my own ‘butterflies in my gut’ experiences from my former life as a nurse working in fast-paced life and death environments in Intensive Care, but also teaching about athlete stress to Sport and Exercise students. Until I did my PhD, I had never thought about how our […]

How stress affects your sleep, anxiety, hot flushes and sore joints in menopause.

Life was already pretty overwhelming and exhausting for women going into menopause. Now, it just got a whole lot more complex. Changes to working environments, worry about family members, feeling financially stressed, trying to cope with additional mouths to feed at home all day as children go into lock-down as well, let alone our symptoms […]

Discover why your increased anxiety is not just about your changing hormones in menopause.

We’ve been talking about anxiety this week in my coaching groups and I asked the women on the MyMT programmes a question. It was this: ‘If I sat you down right now with a blank piece of paper and said to you, “What causes you to feel anxious?” what would you write down on the […]