Find your ‘flow’ and reduce multi-tasking to manage your anxiety levels in menopause.

There’s a small book sitting on my bookshelf that I treasure. Given to me by my retiring PhD Supervisor when he was cleaning out his office, it reminds me of my sport psychology lectures when I attended Otago University’s Faculty of Physical Education, in the 1990’s. As a naive adult student re-training and moving on […]

‘The Art of Not Falling Apart’ (a book by Christina Patterson) and why menopause makes anxiety worse.

I know a bit about stress. Not only my own ‘butterflies in my gut’ experiences from my former life as a nurse working in fast-paced life and death environments in Intensive Care, but also teaching about athlete stress to Sport and Exercise students. Until I did my PhD, I had never thought about how our […]

Discover why your increased anxiety is not just about your changing hormones in menopause.

We’ve been talking about anxiety this week in my coaching groups and I asked the women on the MyMT programmes a question. It was this: ‘If I sat you down right now with a blank piece of paper and said to you, “What causes you to feel anxious?” what would you write down on the […]