Restore your zest in menopause with zinc.

The question sits in my health screening form and states, ‘Do you feel frequently tired?’ – nearly every single response out of the thousands of screening forms that women have filled in for me over the years, says ‘yes’. I always wonder two things: If they are vegetarian or vegan (nothing wrong with this) and, […]

Is it Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome or Menopause or Both?

If you were to pull out a blank piece of paper and list all the factors that drain your energy in a day or week, I wonder what would be on that list? From doing too much (or too little) exercise to your constantly busy-brain to menstrual blood losses to looking at your computer screen […]

PODCAST: Hormones and Sleep. Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) talks to Tracy Minnoch-Nuku, Founder of ‘Sexy Ageing Podcast’.

How excited was I to be asked to talk to Tracy Minnoch-Nuku this week?  I’ve known Tracy for over 20 years and I was delighted to hear that she has founded a new podcast initiative called, ‘Sexy Ageing Podcast’. Tracy is a fitness-industry legend and for over 30 years has worked in all aspects […]

If you’ve lost your Christmas Cheer this year, it’s not just end-of-year exhaustion, it’s your changing hormones in menopause too!

I still remember the Christmas when I went into peri-menopause. It’s usually a time of year I love, but back then, when everyone around me was looking forward to it, all I could think to myself, was ‘I really can’t be bothered. I have no motivation for Christmas cheer’. With no energy for shopping, no motivation […]

“I don’t need as much thyroxine now I’ve lost 5 kg. I’m finally feeling great – no more afternoon sleeps and heaps of energy.” [Danni, NZ]

When your office window at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, has a view of the Sky Tower, it serves to keep you motivated to reach for the sky in all that you want to achieve in your life. But when mid-life health problems curtail your energy and you can hardly get through your […]