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PODCAST: Hormones and Sleep. Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) talks to Tracy Minnoch-Nuku, Founder of ‘Sexy Ageing Podcast’.

How excited was I to be asked to talk to Tracy Minnoch-Nuku this week?  I’ve known Tracy for over 20 years and I was delighted to hear that she has founded a new podcast initiative called, ‘Sexy Ageing Podcast’.

Tracy is a fitness-industry legend and for over 30 years has worked in all aspects of this diverse industry – from aerobic instructor to Personal Trainer to then co-founding a chain of boutique fitness clubs called FIRE ( When visiting New Zealand recently, she looked me up and mentioned,

As the peri menopause symptoms started to creep in, I realised that I knew NOTHING about how these would affect me through my work, life, relationships, sleep, all of it! I was grateful to reconnect with Wendy and delighted to see that she had provided so much information for women just like me.”

So, here we are – a podcast/ video for you to listen to from Tracy, via me to you. I hope you enjoy our chat and what I had to say about the three phases of menopause, our precious sleep and because I know that Tracy has so many clients and friends in the fitness industry, I had a little chat about exercise and menopause too.  

Don’t forget that I also have my 2-hour Masterclass on Menopause webinar for you to listen to as well. You can read more about it HERE

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