Will lemons reduce your hot flushes during menopause?

For women in mid-life and beyond, all citrus fruits are an important component of our diet as we age. Lemons and other citrus fruits, especially blood oranges, mandarins, limes, bergamot and other varieties of oranges are full of bioactive compounds that help your heart, blood vessels and hot flushes during your menopause transition. They are […]

Will my menopause hot flushes ever stop?

Every day I get emails from women who are thinking about joining me on the MyMT™ programmes, because they feel over-whelmed with night sweats and hot flushes. Women in their 40’s right through to their 60’s.  I am astounded by how many are on HRT or Bio-identical hormones or menopause supplements …. the same interventions […]

Control your blood glucose and menopause hot flushes with the right carbs.

Over the past week since my last newsletter to you, my facebook feed has been replete with adverts about menopause. I’m always intrigued by these because invariably, when I look into them, I find that what they are selling are supplements. In my late 40’s and early 50’s, I was one of those women taking […]

Dietary protein, menopause hot flushes and the Okinawan ratio.

It took me a long time to understand why my menopause HRT wasn’t working. My hot flushes were not only embarrassing and exhausting, but seemed to increase in intensity in the evening. After dinner was worst. Now I know why this is. I was following the high protein diet mantra that continues to dominate the […]

New Research: The tangled threesome – Circadian rhythm, body temperature and menopause hot flushes.

“But if you’re up in the early hours to talk to clients in the United States whilst you’re down here in New Zealand, it’s no wonder your hot flushes are worse” I said to Pam, before she left to go home. “Your circadian rhythm is all messed up and this affects your hot flushes and […]

Your hot flushes and changing IRON needs as you move from peri- to post-menopause.

Every week I think to myself, ‘what might you like to read about when it comes to better understanding your menopause transition’?  In pondering this, I often seek inspiration from women on my programme or some of you who who have emailed me with your questions as you come into the MyMT™ community via my symptoms […]

Why that Christmas alcohol is giving you hot flushes and a red face … especially if you’re in post-menopause.

She was flushed in the face – and it wasn’t because she was excited or had been exercising. The annual Christmas function was underway and the waiters were pouring the wine. As the glass emptied, she had beads of sweat appearing on her brow and her face was red. I had so much sympathy for […]

Plant Phytoestrogens: Should you have them as you move through menopause?

Red clover used to grow in the paddocks where I grew up in the South Island of Aotearoa/ New Zealand. In summer the honey bees would hover enthusiastically around the beautiful purple-coloured flowers – how it got to be called ‘red’ is beyond me. The flowers are globe-like, can vary in colour from a very […]

Sensational Spinach and it’s role in reducing your Hot Flushes in Menopause.

The Connection Between Your Hot Flushes and Folic Acid in Menopause.  You needed to hear the delight in my voice. A month away from my home in the North Island of New Zealand and the spinach, parsley and kale had flourished in the winter rain and cold. I planted it during lockdown back in May, but […]