“I feel so much more positive about myself now. I’ve lost 30kg and my joints are so much better as is my energy.” [Linda, NZ]

It’s taken a year and at first, Linda took her time to get underway on the MyMT™ Transform Me programme. Disillusioned with so many other strategies for losing weight, she now understands that none of the other programmes she tried were specialising in her changing heart health and metabolism as she moved into post-menopause.  “I’ve done […]

New Research: The role of lycopene in liver detoxification for your menopause weight loss.

Their smell is delicious and inviting. Vine-ripened tomatoes sitting on my kitchen bench. They will go into my Italian Tomato Sauce later – women on my programme know that tomatoes are rich in a compound called Lycopene and one cup (240mL) of tomato juice provides approximately 23mg of lycopene. Cooking tomatoes is best, because heat […]

“I didn’t understand how much menopause would affect my fitness and how I exercised, nor how all this would affect my weight gain.” [Tineke, New Zealand]

“When I was a Les Mills Instructor in the Netherlands” messaged Tineke to me, “I wanted to always work harder and do something extra. Maybe to impress others? But I have come to the point that I don’t have to impress anybody but to just enjoy the moment as I do my exercise.  It was […]

5 Reasons for your Weight Gain in your 50s and 60s.

“If your waist is ‘thickening’, your body-shape is changing and you are going into or through menopause, let me explain why!”[Dr Wendy Sweet, Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher & MyMT Coach] When my own mother reached mid-life, menopause wasn’t spoken about, but thinking back, I now realise that this was when her  health started to change. […]

Why managing insulin resistance matters for your weight gain in post-menopause.

It was 1995 and I remember the conference in New York distinctly. It was the year my daughter was born and it was my first time away from her to travel to an academic health conference. I think many of us remember the nervousness as we leave our babies for the first time. But it […]

Learn why ‘morning-ness’ is associated with losing weight and keeping it off in menopause and beyond.

For over 30 years, Professors Rena Wing and James Hill have been over-seeing the National Weight Control Registry [NWCR]  at Brown University in America. For nearly 20 years, I’ve been following their research and teaching students from it. These days I’m no longer teaching students, but bringing the fabulous research from the NWCR to the […]

Feeling swollen and bloated? Then love your ageing lymphatic system in menopause.

The lymphatic system rarely gets mentioned in menopause weight or cardiac health management. But it should. Because during menopause, which is the gateway to our biological ageing, our lymphatic vessels are changing and this affects our weight, energy and fluid retention. Numerous women end up with with tired, swollen legs and ankles, tightness in their […]

Are you putting on weight during your menopause transition? If you are, then here’s your New Year read from MyMT™.

For most of us, the New Year is a time for rest, relaxation and reflection. You know, thinking about the year that’s been and what you might want to do differently this year. I know myself that mid-life is a time when our health can change so rapidly. This happened to me as well. That’s […]

How lack of sleep affects your fat metabolism in menopause.

Did you know that lack of sleep affects your fat metabolism and storage?  Sleep and its disorders are becoming increasingly important in our sleep deprived society which is why scientists are learning that our sleep quantity and quality is intricately connected to various hormonal and metabolic processes in the body. Research shows that sleep deprivation […]