“As a busy nurse doing shift work, I used to feel exhausted. I’m now 13kg lighter, fitter and happier.” [Lydia, Australia]

In a shout-out to all the Nurses, Doctors and other health workers who are going through an incredibly stressful time at the moment, I was thinking of Lydia who is a nurse in Australia. As a former ICU nurse, I understand the incredible stress and risk you are all under. I salute you all and […]

Whether you are overweight or not, Menopause is the time to love your ageing lymphatic system.

Rasika was beaming. Finally, her weight was dropping and she told me she was feeling so much happier and healthier now that she was sleeping better as well. She had traveled up from London to Birmingham to see me as well as attend my live ‘Masterclass on Menopause’ (see the EVENTS page for upcoming seminars).  […]

New Research: The 5 ‘real’ reasons for your belly-fat weight gain in menopause.

“If your waist is ‘thickening’, your body-shape is changing and you are going into or through menopause, then let me explain why!” [Dr Wendy Sweet, Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher & MyMT Coach] When my own mother reached mid-life, it wasn’t spoken about, but thinking back I now realise that this was when her  health started […]

“I felt tired, depressed and overweight but nobody mentioned menopause.” [Dianne, Brisbane]

This is Dianne’s Story … she wanted to share it with you so you don’t lose hope about turning around your health, sore joints and weight during menopause.  “Over the last few years I had gained quite a lot of weight, was often hot at night, was depressed and tired all the time but I’d […]

“The difference to how I felt a year ago is incredible.” – Jo, NZ

I love this photo of Jo. I took it when we met at one of my live ‘Masterclass on Menopause’ events. It was so great to meet her after our numerous emails over the past few months and I’m so grateful that she has allowed me to share her story with you all. There are […]

Tired? Bloated? Overweight? On HRT? Discover why your liver matters in menopause.

It took me a long time to figure out that our liver and gall bladder are so affected by hormonal changes during menopause. Not one health, medical or exercise professional I sought support from in terms of my weight, bloating and changing heart health spoke to me about my liver. And yes, that was partly […]

Burn abdominal fat and lengthen your lifespan by switching on your brown fat genes through this powerful technique.

I have Canada on my mind – and it’s not just because I’m over here for a couple of weeks, but also because I have so many women on my programme from the Northern Hemisphere who are coping with colder temperatures and short days. But Canada is the home of powerful obesity and weight loss […]

If your belly fat is increasing then you may be Oestrogen Dominant – if you are, then here’s your New Year read from MyMT™.

For most of us, the New Year is a time for rest, relaxation and reflection. You know, thinking about the year that’s been and what you might want to do differently this year. I know myself that mid-life is a time when our health can change so rapidly as this happened to me as well.  […]

Here’s what you need to know if your New Year resolution is to lose your menopause belly-fat and feel like your old self again.

“For the hundreds of women who have joined me on either the MyMT™ Circuit Breaker programme or the Transform Me programme throughout 2019, perhaps the greatest change that they experience is the knowledge that they need to change their beliefs about how their lifestyle during menopause, especially those who are gaining weight, needs to be […]