How your muscles age and why your recovery after exercise may be slower during menopause.

My coaching community is full of women enjoying being active again. I say ‘again’ for a reason – so many of them tell me that they have enjoyed activity all their life,but when peri-menopause arrived, aching muscles, insomnia and sore joints, left them unable to do the exercise that they used to do. Winter has […]

VIDEO: My 12 week online menopause-specific exercise programme is called Rebuild your Fitness: It’s ON SALE for you during ‘Menopause March’.

“Menopause is the time of our lives when we need to improve our exercise commitment for our health and not necessarily for any high-performance sports performance. This is especially so when we feel so exhausted from not sleeping or if our joints and muscles are sore.  When this happened to me I was so confused […]

The Connection between Menopause & Osteoporosis – A shout out for strong women as they age!

Have you ever thought about your skeleton as a metabolically active organ? I know that I never really thought about this when I went into peri-menopause and thought that the activity that I was doing, e.g. some cardio, my once a week BodyPump class and doing some exercise on most days of the week was […]