VIDEO: My 12 week online menopause-specific exercise programme is called Rebuild your Fitness: It’s ON SALE for you during ‘Menopause March’.

“Menopause is the time of our lives when we need to improve our exercise commitment for our health and not necessarily for any high-performance sports performance. This is especially so when we feel so exhausted from not sleeping or if our joints and muscles are sore.  When this happened to me I was so confused […]

How your muscles age and why you lose your ‘power’ fibres after menopause.

“I can’t go down that slope with all those moguls (bumps). My muscles aren’t what they used to be,” I yelled to hubbie. We were on the piste in beautiful Switzerland and hubbie took a different way down than my usual way down the slope. He’s a way more competent skier than I am and […]

The Connection between Menopause & Osteoporosis – A shout out for strong women as they age!

Have you ever thought about your skeleton as a metabolically active organ? I know that I never really thought about this when I went into peri-menopause and thought that the activity that I was doing, e.g. some cardio, my once a week BodyPump class and doing some exercise on most days of the week was […]