VIDEO: “Thank you for being part of the MyMT™ Community as we’ve all built our resilience this year.”

It’s been a tough year on so many fronts, but I truly believe that for many mid-life women, their incredible resilience brings them through. Despite a year shaped by chaos and uncertainty, we have all got through it in the best way that we can. I’ve had a few women who contracted the virus and […]

A new way of thinking about your mid-life health: New research on strengthening immunity through healthy lifestyle practices.

  ‘The world completed the dusk of 2019 and the dawn of 2020 with a new public health challenge’ states a brand new report delivered into my inbox yesterday (Monye & Adelowo, 2020), following an amazing weekend listening to researchers present at the virtual Australasian Lifestyle Medicine conference –sorry Melbourne, I did miss you and was […]