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“One in every three women will experience chronic joint pain in her life.” [Sarah Dillingham]

Her story will resonate with so many midlife women who find themselves with joint pain, especially wrist pain as they approach their menopause transition. Sarah was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and wears compression gloves and orthopedic braces every day because of joint damage in her wrists.

But she felt that the orthopedic support wrist braces that were available to her and others, were clunky and old-fashioned. 

So, she decided to do something about it! Teaming up with hand-therapist, Trevor Petrie, they decided to produce better joint support products.

And there she was doing a presentation at the recent Women’s Health and Ageing Conference in Pasadena California that I attended.

“One in every three women will experience chronic joint pain in her life – whether that’s osteoarthritis, autoimmune arthritis or menopause-related joint pain” mentioned Sarah in her presentation. “Joint pain can limit your ability to do everyday tasks and interfere with your quality of lifer.”

As I’ve heard this story so many times from ladies on my 12 week programmes, Sarah and I got chatting! I told her that I would like to let you all know about her products, so here we are. I don’t often promote products in MyMT™, but I felt that this one may be of benefit to those of you with aching wrists and arthritic fingers. 

Designed to feel like a “hug for your hand,” the compression gloves and wrist braces are designed to help women live life with less pain and more fun.

That fits in with the MyMT™ philosophy brilliantly! I have a joint health module in my 12 week programmes, so reach out if you need to explore this too. 

Here is the link to Sarah’s website:

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