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VIDEO: A little aroha (love) to you from Wendy in lock-down and why women are saving the world.

Yesterday’s New York Times headline said it all … ‘How millions of women became the most essential workers in America’ – the headline jumped out at me through the clutter of other headlines appearing on my laptop, half a world away in New Zealand. One in three jobs held by women has been designated as ‘essential’ according to a New York Times analysis of census data merged with the federal government’s essential worker guidelines – from supermarket checkouts to nurses to aged-care givers, pharmacy aides and technicians – a majority of these jobs are held by women. Yes, the work they do is often underpaid and undervalued, but it doesn’t pass me that in times of crisis, it’s women who help others get through.

I just sincerely hope that those on the front-line and especially those women beginning to enter and move through menopause, are getting their sleep. I worry that as the pandemic goes on, the stress of the workloads combined with not-sleeping will throw their immune health and weight into chaos. Our menopause transition already makes our health vulnerable, let alone the additional stress of working in a pandemic. I know you know this too.

So, how are you getting on? Are you sleeping well? Are you looking after yourself?

Or, as many women who have emailed me, curious about the MyMT™ programmes, have mentioned,

“My belly-fat is creeping on and nothing I’m doing is working.” 

Yes, that used to be me too. How about we get that sorted then because the issue is only partially about how much we are eating in lock-down. 😊

When women are going through menopause and not sleeping, they aren’t fat-burning overnight. As well, how healthy our liver and gall-bladder function is as we go through menopause is important too. These two organs change in structure and function as we move through menopause as do our blood vessels, gut and pancreas. When you add on the effect of a gall-bladder that has a reduced bile storage and output of up to 20% as we reach our mid-50’s, you have to change your diet. I have hundreds of women on my programmes, who started out doing the popular Keto diet (high in fats and protein), but by the time they reached their mid-50’s, the cry is “It worked for a couple of years, but I just putting on more weight.’

I’m not surprised. “Come on board” I tell them, “and you will learn how your liver, muscles and gallbladder change with age and why you need my modified Mediterranean Diet approach which has been evidenced against women’s health as they age. But you also need to re-learn how to sleep all  night again. This is when your fat-burning occurs.” Many can’t believe the difference they feel in just a short time.

How wonderful it’s been that Dr Clare Wright, Clinical Psychologist for the NHS in Wales, came onto my programme just before the pandemic changed her world. It’s my privilege to look after her, whilst she looks after 12,000 staff needing her attention during the crisis.

At the start of April, I decided that I wanted to ‘do’ something to help women around the world get through this time. As an ex-ICU nurse, I like to feel useful in a crisis. 😊 But as I thought about it more, I realised that the ‘best’ thing I could do, was to make my programmes more accessible and affordable to you, as there has been so much un-certainty for many of you and it’s the same for women around the world who have joined me in my coaching community as well. That’s why during my own lock-down, I’ve  been busy supporting women like you to enable you to focus on what you do without worrying about what is going on with your symptoms and/or weight during menopause. I want you to have the energy to do what you have to do at this time.

As I work hard to support women around the world, I also want you to be able to join me in your own personal learning area in the member area of MyMT™. This is where you will find my information and the webinars and videos that teach you what to do to turn around your symptoms and/ or lose weight (depending on the programme you select – Circuit Breaker or Transform Me). Both these programmes have NZ$100 off at the moment, which is for a limited time, until our lives settle down a bit. This means that they are NZ$199 or AUS$189 or UK£97 or CAN$168. There is a monthly payment option for 3 months as well.

I also have been busy in lockdown! I have made some NEW PRODUCTS FOR YOU.

For those of you troubled with sore joints, then I have released a mini-programme for you which is cheaper still – at NZ$49.95/ AUS$47/ £UK25/ CAN$43 – here is the LINK to read more about this fabulous module which takes you through step-by-step how to reduce your sore joints – and yes, this is yet another symptom of menopause. I explain why 

Finally, with my live seminars that I would normally take at this time of year having been cancelled throughout New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, I have recorded this into a WEBINAR. I really want you to hear this, so I have only a small charge on this and you come into my member area to access this. At only NZ$15/ AUS$14.50 /CAN$13/ UK£7.50 you can listen in your home, at a time that suits you and you can even make yourself a cuppa and pause it when you need to. It’s 1 hr 50 minutes long.


As we head into Anzac Day this weekend, this is a time that we honour those courageous men and women who fought to save our freedom in numerous wars. My grandfather, father and brother served as well. As we honour these war-time heros, there are other heroines that I want you to spare a thought and silent ‘thank-you’ to as well. It’s all those women and yes, many of you in this community too, who are doing it tough not only as essential workers, but who are going through menopause too. They are helping to save our freedom too.

Dr Wendy Sweet, PhD/ MyMT™ Founder/ Member: Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

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