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“Most women I see in chronic disease aren’t aware of the connection with menopause and their symptoms.”

One of the privileges for me personally, in setting up the MyMT™ Practitioner Course, is that I get to meet Health Practitioners who are ‘doing good’ out in their communities. Leanne from Victoria, Australia is one of them and it was such a pleasure meeting her at a Lifestyle Medicine Conference in beautiful Melbourne this year. We had a great catch-up!

As both a Registered Nurse and a Health Coach, she found that after doing the MyMT™ Menopause Practitioner Course, the word ‘got out’ that she had specialised in understanding lifestyle solutions for menopause management. She was inundated with women asking her questions!

I have continued to be very busy with referrals which is so exciting. The one-on-one Model of Care is not very efficient with the current wait list but I am loving it

I work for a public health service, Goulburn Valley Health, here in regional Victoria, Australia. My program area is Early Intervention in Chronic Disease and primarily my role title is Health Coach although I am a Registered Nurse. My client cohort is mainly women aged 45-70 years of age and most have menopausal symptoms. But I’m so surprised that many of them aren’t aware of the connection with menopause hormonal changes and their symptoms. 

I have become so overwhelmed with referrals since my colleagues have become aware of my recent training with the MyMT™ Practitioner Course. It’s been fantastic working with these clients but unfortunately I now have a protracted wait list. Because of this, I have been given consent by my employer to develop an online Menopause Course to help with increasing demand.

I have also been approached by our Cancer Wellness Group program to also present this course specifically to women cancer survivors who have completed treatment (which they refer to me individually anyway). 

I am so overwhelmed with the response to the training I did with you, within my organisation. But I’ve realised that there is such a gap in healthcare and the understanding of lifestyle solutions specific to menopause.

My ultimate goal is to still to become my own private practitioner and apply for the MyMT™ Affiliate programme. I have already been approached by the women’s fitness studio that I attend, to join forces and develop an overall programme to women with menopausal symptoms and how they can improve their health as they age. 

Anyway, thank you for the course. The opportunity to share a case-study and gain specific feedback on this and the incredible lifestyle-science and women’s healthy ageing information you have shared with those of us on your course, made so much sense.

It really was the ‘missing link’ in the medical work that I do. I believe I am doing you proud in my own way working within the public sector.”

Leanne C., Australia [RN/ Health Coach/ MyMT™ Registered Practitioner]

It is now well researched that chronic disease progression can begin, or be accelerated in menopause. Leanne was amazed at what she learnt. If you would like to discover what Leanne did, then you can pre-register for the early bird sale of the January Menopause Practitioner Course using the link below. 

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