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“Wow! When I watched the Masterclass, the penny dropped. I’ve been seeing women with these types of injuries for years.”

I’ve been seeing middle-age female clients for years as a Physiotherapist here in Perth, Australia, but I didn’t fully understand why they were complaining about their tendon injuries – plantar fasciitis , tennis elbow etc). 

“I also noted that their muscles were not tolerating load either and going into a ‘holding pattern’ which would release manually but felt different from my younger clients. The fact that menopause may have something to do with it, never entered my head. 

But then I also had a friend who I trained with in competitive surf-lifesaving at the beach, who all of a sudden was slower than me despite her feeling that she was putting in the same effort but not getting the same results.  She was always tired and in some sort of body pain. 

That’s when I began to look into menopause. And whilst I got some answers, there weren’t enough. Interestingly at this time, I started to have problems with my own sleep, sore joints and felt so tired all the time. 

I tried numerous supplements and HRT but the results didn’t last, especially as I moved into post-menopause.  That’s when I stumbled upon Wendy’s website and listened to her Masterclass on Menopause. 

Wow! That was when the penny started to drop.  I signed up and did Wendy’s Circuit Breaker programme.

Altering my diet and getting Wendy’s advice on how to recover from my training now that I was in menopause, made the world of difference. Suddenly I had energy and was sleeping again. 

I’ve now had the best 2 seasons at the Western Australian Masters Surf Lifesaving State Champs, that I’ve had in 10 years! Not only did I get a few medals last summer but I actually had energy right to the last event. In previous years I ran out of reserves by the halfway mark.

When Wendy offered her Health Professionals Affiliate training course, it was a ‘no-brainer’ to sign up and I’ve loved what I’ve learnt. It was great revising all my physiology and putting it into the context of women’s ageing and the inflammatory response during menopause.

We deep-dived into every single symptom and explored the lifestyle science that is currently available for managing these symptoms, including joint health!  I realise that this was the advice that I have been missing with my physiotherapy clients.   

It’s exciting that I’ve added a new dimension to my physiotherapy assessments for middle aged women. This is now reaping great success for them in overall well-being as well as sorting out musculo-skeletal pain specific to their age and stage of life.

I have my first group of ladies going through Wendy’s programmes as well as seeing me for their physiotherapy and coaching sessions. Already a few weeks in, they are all delighted at the differences in their symptoms, sleep and weight loss.

It’s fabulous to have this extra string to my bow as I firmly believe the whole body is important not just the outside bits we can see and feel. And now, based on the CPD course, I look at my midlife clients tendon injuries differently.

As Wendy moved us through the scientific evidence, it became obvious that the menopause transition is the entry to an ageing body, and therefore, there are inflammatory changes occurring deep within tissues and cells, including tendons, muscles and joints.  

Thanks Wendy for all the information I have learnt from your menopause course. And the extra advice and words of wisdom you post in the group plus in emails.”

Sarah Gregson, Physiotherapist/ Body Torque Physiotherapy

If you live in Perth, Western Australia, then please contact Sarah at Body Torque Physiotherapy, if you would like menopause-specific advice or you are continually injured! She is now a registered MyMT™ Menopause Practitioner. 

“If you have ever wondered if there was a clear easy plan to follow to sleep all night, reduce hot flushes and prevent or reduce your weight gain during menopause, then ‘welcome’ – you’re in the right place now.”

Discover how either of my two Menopause Transformation programmes might help you too or take my Symptoms Quiz below… 

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