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“I used to suffer from back-aches and headaches, but not anymore. I have never in my 64 years, felt as good as I do now.” [Lyndie, UK]

Some inspiration and motivation from Lyndie in Oxfordshire, who joined me on the MyMT™ Transform Me programme. 

Dear Wendy, 

Thank you so much for helping me to be Transformed. I am so pleased I started the Transform Me course in March this year. Two friends of mine, both recommended me to do the Transform Me course. 

I was sceptical as I have done a number of diet courses and not really found them to be successful. Needless to say that going through menopause and having to have a mastectomy was not an easy time.

Because the cancer was oestrogen positive all the oestrogen was removed from my body. Hot flushes and night sweats were pretty severe. Because the cancer was in my lymph glands the chemo was intense as was the 25 radio therapy treatments. 

I put on quite a bit of weight which I battled to remove because of lack of energy. Since doing your course I have lost 5 Kg [11 lbs].

The most exciting part of the course is the amount of energy I now have.

For many years I have longed to be able to jog, but found I couldn’t jog for long before I was breathless – no more than maybe 2 lamp-post distance.

After reading your posts and learning from the programme about our changing iron levels as we go through menopause, a blood test in January by my Doctor, discovered that my iron levels were way below normal so was prescribed iron tablets. 

Back home in South Africa Doctors don’t mind giving vitamin B12 injections to woman who are going through menopause. Unfortunately Drs in the UK seem to disagree. I was relieved when you recommended  Floradix which contains iron and vitamin B12. 

I am delighted to tell you that I now go jogging at least 3 times a week for 7 – 10 Km.

I used to suffer from chronic sinusitis, chest infections, back aches and head aches, but not any more. I have never in my 64 years felt as good as I do now.

Attached are photos of one of the walks I regularly do. It’s called the Wittenham Clumps in South Oxfordshire.

Thank you so much for helping me get to this stage of my life.



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