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“I am able to exercise now without feeling fatigued, which is huge for me being a Personal Trainer.”

The MyMT™ programme opened up my curiosity to the extent that a simple blood test helped unravel more of my symptom chaos! 

Hi, I am Julie and a member of My Menopause Transformation group for nearly 3 years now and still enjoying it.  Wendy has asked me to tell you a little bit of my story going through menopause, in the chance I might help other’s who may feel similar to me. 

I am 55 years old, a wife, mother of 3 teenagers, and a qualified Personal Trainer in Hamilton New Zealand, who helps women keep fit the safe way.

As I turned 52 I found I was experiencing a lot of fatigue, a bit of depression, more anxiety than usual, aching bones. I did not have hot flushes or sleeping problems.  I ate relatively well, exercised and enjoyed a few wines at the weekend and other treats, but mainly following a healthy lifestyle using Wendy’s MyMT™ guidelines. I did not struggle with my weight, although I did feel bloated before doing the programme.

I have always had hormonal problems from a teenager till now.  I had Polycystic cysts on my ovaries and Endometriosis, infertility later in life and 3 children by IVF treatment.  So, by the time I hit menopause things really started to misfire. By then I had 3 big fibroids, Endometriosis, along with Adenomyosis, a big cyst on one of my ovaries (which turned out to be benign) an infection on my Fallopian tube, an enlarged uterus and generally feeling terrible.  This resulted in a short notice hysterectomy with no HRT after, as my mother died of ovarian cancer and the specialist felt it would be a risk for me.

When the fatigue, anxiety, and aching bones did not go after my hysterectomy I began to be concerned.  It wasn’t till I had an episode on a long haul flight to the UK which after arriving 2 days later I was in hospital getting checked out for a TIA (mini stroke).  They did scans and gave me aspirin and sent me away on my travels….  I got back to New Zealand and again had  a fainting episode and ended up in A and E with suspected TIA in my home town hospital. 

This is where I had a lot more tests done including a blood test on my calcium levels in my blood and urine. They also tested my parathyroid levels.  It came out that my calcium in my blood was higher than normal and my parathyroid gland was functioning high in order to cope. 

I was also very dehydrated from the side affects of high calcium and a long haul flight which was causing the fainting. They tested my Thyroid which was normal.  I was referred to an Endocrinologist.  Then after a lot of monitoring, scans and appointments I had surgery in July to remove the parathyroid gland ( we have 4 of these 2 either side of our Thyroid in our neck region).

I took the normal 6 weeks to recover and I have never felt better!

All the symptoms have gone, all my levels for calcium in the blood and parathyroid function have returned to normal. I feel so much more energised and my anxiety has reduced. I am able to exercise now without feeling fatigued, which is huge for me being a Personal Trainer and having always enjoyed being fit. 

Before joining Wendy’s programme, I knew I was in menopause but I became very lost. Whilst I worked with my Doctors to find a solution to my parathyroid issues, having the understanding about the lifestyle solutions I also needed to put into place during menopause, was aslo crucial to my recovery. 

I am glad I joined as I have learn’t so much, understand things better and I’ve been able to pass on my experience to my clients too and also get to the bottom of why I was not well. 

I wanted to share my story, because I had never had my calcium checked in my blood tests before. It is a very simple addition your doctor can make to any blood tests you are having done. It would appear to be a common issue for women over 50.  I have no idea how long I had the benign tumour on my parathyroid, the surgeon could give no reason for why we have them, there were 4 other people ahead of me for surgery …….. but I am glad it is gone.

I only wish I knew about the calcium blood test long ago.

Take care everyone, and stay safe.

Julie x



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